logoletzb2Iz it interesting to anyone else that John McCain rhymes with Suddam Hussein.

If John McCain winz, Im going to take my family and move. No, not to Boise, Idaho. More like Amsterdam. If John McCain winz, Sara Palin will be our President in less than 2 yearz. If John McCain winz, our soldiers are gonna be overseas until 2020. If John McCain winz, our country will miss George W., himself. If John McCain winz, African Americanz all over the world are going to riot.

Letz say John McCain winz.. We will have the oldest President of any country in the history of countries. If John McCain winz, there will be more drugz done than ever (only becuz people wont be able to take it anymore.) If John McCain winz, Bill Maher (one of my personal favoritez) will host hiz show for the next 2 monthz only discussing why John McCain shouldn’t have won. If John McCain winz, weed iz never gonna be legal. Have you heard/seen/read the rulez on marijuana in Arizona. GEESH..

john_mccain2Basically if John McCain winz, kiss this country goodbye. Charge it to the game. Chalk it up. You know it’z fucked up when the state of Wisconsin iz like… “Naw, we’d rather have a brotha az our President than the Republican Cantidate Elect.” I’m just sayin. If John McCain winz, Osama Bin Laden winz. Yeah, I said it. Shit’s gonna be fucked up. Pleaze make sure you vote correctly tomorrow, people. IT’S TIME FOR FUCKIN CHANGE..



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