logoletzb2Today is an unbelievable day in American history. We have a new president. Forget the fact that he happens to be a bi-racial African American. We have a new President, PERIOD. No more George W. I dont even know what to say about it. It feels like the weight of “THE WORLD” has been lifted off my shoulders. I hope many of you agree.We were in some sincere trouble and it was worsening by the second. For some reazon, I think it’s gonna all be okay.


How do we get the soldiers of out this hellacious inprisonment. Overseas, many American men and women are fighting for our freedoms. I feel like I’m pretty free so what are they really fighting for? Is it to cover the oil? Is it so George W. could look good for 6 yearz? Who knowz? Who carez? Lets get them home immediately. We’ve done all that we can over there in Iraq. We’ve murdered, we’ve been murdered, we’vve fought, we’ve lost… What more can we do? Come home safely and we SINCERELY APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU’VE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO..

Mr. Obama, I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately, the Country wasn’t left in the greatest position for you to take it over. U are the face of us now and I pray for you success. You seem to be a leader, speaker and positive force which is exactly what we need. You will be criticized for every move you make. Just focus on yourself as well as the “mass.” Stay safe and good luck. MAKE US ALL PROUD, MR. PRESIDENT.



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