B.ANONYMOUZ iz grindin it out peoples.  In the last 2 days, he’s completed 2 more remixes and is currently putting in work on his third. Tuesday and Wednesday, he completed work on the Kate Perry “I Kissed a Girl” Remix.  He splits the verses up into three different situations of kissing. Clever, yet sarcastic like always, MR. ANONYMOUZ, definitely puts a “twist” on the rock song.

Wednesday and Thursday, B DOT started and completed his rendition of “Chopped and Screwed” a record originally featuring T-Pain and Ludacris. B. took the liberty to take “Luda” off the remix and add his own verse at the beginning and end of the record (leaving the T Pain verses in.)

“I felt like it was the correct thing to do, truthfully. I hear Lil Wayne, Kanye and all these other niggaz bitin’ off T so hard and it makes me nauseated. That’s HIS shit. Kanye would cry like a bitch if some nigga took samples, slowed them down and made beatz. He would call them a biter so Kanye STOP FUCKIN’ BITIN’. It’s bad enough you don’t write most of the shit you say,” said B DOT in a recent interview.

Be on the lookout for many more remixed to come. B.ANONYMOUZ is focused on this goal he set earlier this year (to complete 200 songs) and I dont think he’s gonna let us ALLLLL DOWN, RIGHT???? Stay tuned.



Produced By: Dr. Luke
Album: One of the Boys (2008)
Capitol Records

CHOPPED & SKREWED: T-Pain feat. Ludacris
Produced By: T-Pain
Album: Three Kingz (2008)
Konvict, Jive, Nappy Boy

2 Responses to “DAILY GRIND”

  1. Look at you remixin “I Kissed a Girl” Good for you. I like it can’t wait to hear it. all kinds of LOVE

  2. COBZ-THANKZ FOR THE COMMENT!!! – I cant wait to hear it either!!!

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