logoletzb2O.J. Simpson just got slapped with 15 years in prison today for robbing a sports memorabilia collector in Vegas last year. The AP reports:

A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology and said, “It was much more than stupidity.”
Simpson stood stone-faced Friday when Judge Jackie Glass quickly rattled off his punishment after he pleaded with her that he didn’t mean to steal from anybody when he tried to retrieve memorabilia.
He appeared ready to break down in tears as he told that he was “sorry and confused” before going into a rambling and emotional 5-minute declaration.
“I didn’t want to steal anything from anyone … I’m sorry, sorry,” he said.

He added: “It’s not like I killed anybody. Again.”
After receiving his sentence, Simpson engaged in a heated discussion with his attorney that ended with the football legend audibly shouting “What do you mean you ‘forgot’ my stabbing knife?”


images-5Thiz nigga iz crazy az shit. He murked hiz wife and her boyfriend. Did i mention he got away with the shit. “if the glove dont fit, you must aquit.” He fled and rode down the interstate on national television hiding in the back and shit. He promised he would look for the killer of hiz wife until he died. Instead he went and played golf, EVERYDAY. Moving on…

He lost all hiz bread. I mean all of hiz bread. Hiz children think he’s crazy and they right. Now he sitz in a prizon cell for robbery in Las Vegas, Nevada. I really dont get it, but at the same time it’s perfect justice. A person like Orethal James needs to be behind bars. It’s bad enough Johnny Cochran dropped dead all of a sudden. I dont wanna say nothin crazy, but….

images-6I’ll leave this segment with this.. OJ Simpson will forever be an icon. He won championships @ USC. I still get a tingle when i watch old clips of him running with that football. He went to the NFL and did amazing things on that football field. The question remains.. What will he be remembered for?

It’s a terrible thing, but everyone believes more than ever that he is infact, a murderer. I must admit, my opinions have defintely changed on that subject in the past six months or so. I mean, what has he left us to think. You let “us” down OJ. Not only that, but now your children are completely parentless. I hate to point fingers brotha, but I hope these next FIFTEEN years give you a new outlook. I mean, IT SHOULD BE LIFE.. Thanks Juice…


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  1. bro, read his book, and you’ll really see how crazy that nigga is lol

  2. I read the book of letters that people wrote to him when he was locked up during his trial, I think it was. I have no comment, tho cuz OJ gotta deal with a Higher Power one day. Wow!

  3. wooow…. he a trip fareal!… and he said “wut u mean u forgot da knife” .. ohh nooo.. imagine being in that court trial.. crazy.. i no da judge was like “u stupid mahda sahka!!” lol


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