logoletzb2I dont even know where to begin thiz segment/article. It truthfully makes me disgusted more and more as I sit here and type to you all. On December 19, 2008 it was confirmed that Caylee Anthony, the 2 year old baby missing since June, was in fact a victim of homicide. Her remainz were found in an area her mother, Casey, used to bury “animals.” Casey continues to claim “she had nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter, but I’m sure NONE of us agree.

Casey has been caught in so many lies. She’s been caught twisting storiez, switching datez and making up namez that dont even exist. She claimed that she doesn’t care about anything else but “bringing her daughter back safely.” Then she was out in the public partying, drinking and doing random acts of stupid ass shit. She has blamed everyone and anyone. The bitch has even been released a couple, few timez. GOD DAMN… Thiz iz worse than OJ Simpson, right?

imagesDid Casey murder her daughter? I know that’s pretty difficult to read and comprehend, but did she? Unfortunately, the forensics experts are never going to be able to tell due to the decomposition of her remainz. GROSS.. The only thing that matterz is what happened to Caylee. The person(s) involved must receive the worse kind of penalty. I dont think the death penalty is going to be enough on thiz one.

Whoever did this to that little girl dezerves to be put in a chamber of exfixiation and choked “almost to death.” The person(s) who committed this act doesnt deserve to sit in a prison forever, but at the same time to put them to death, immediately, sounds just as ridiculous. They dezerve something painful, daily. Every morning they wake up should be a day in hell, in the physical form.

I send positive energy to Caylee and the family memberz who hurt and will continue to hurt for milleniums. That pretty little girl was known across America for all the wrong reasonz. Instead of growing up to be a Doctor who invented a cure for cancer, she is known as the 2 year old baby girl, apperantly murdered by her fucking mother. I hate to pass judgement on people’s character, but Casey Anthony has some serious shit coming. SERIOUSLY, as “Izzy Stephens” would say.

To Caylee… I wish I knew what to say, beautiful. I wish I wasnt even writing this segment today. I felt it was the only was to express my anger and emotion about it. Hopefully, you understand that. I kept myself glued to the television (on stupid ass Nancy Grace) as much as I could to see what would happen next. Hoping, they never found you and if they did, you were alive and well. Obviously, I thought otherwise. Bless your little soul, baby. Love for the spirit of you, Caylee..


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  1. (smh) its fucked up what people are willing to do. Im not a parent so i can’t comprehend the love one has for their child but that shit is flat out fucked up. How can you harm a 2 year old who not only has no way to defend herself, but relies on you to protect and nurture her. That shit disgusts me.

    on a side note, i appreciate the shit you blog about bro, thought provoking, conversation starting shit.

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