Zak and I just blasted a 6 month internship on the road as most of you know. We met incredible people and experienced more shiz in that time period than most of you will see in a lifetime. NO disrespect. We won, we lost and learned a great deal of madness about the world we live in. One thing we learned is we need help.. It’s a crazy illusion out here. Record labelz aren’t just “signing” people anymore and it is a DEFINITE “DO IT YOURSELF” kinda bizness. Thus, WE NEED HELP.

Ideaz?? What you got? We hit the road. We created 200 remixes last year. We started a facebook, myspace, twitter, datpiff, ohiohiphop, wordpress and every other “internet” medium we could possibly think of. We put a stage on top of our truck, drove around and spit in every major city, excluding NYC. We finished an album and put up THREE websites for people to visit, join and add input on ANYTHING. Check em out! WE NEED HELP!

Financially, we need some assistance. Its no deep dark secret. The industry costs a great deal of money to continue and prosper at the same level(s) of “industry competitiion. (for lack of better term.) For assistance, The Silence Iz Broken (my album available on byonestmuzik.com) costs about 5 thousand dollars to complete. Pharrell Williams and Polow Da Don charge up to 500,000 dollars for a beat. My album costs one percent of a beat charge for an Industry Producer.  THUS, WE NEED HELP!!!

Imagine what the hell B.YONEST could do with a freakin’ 1 million dollar album budget?


Most of you have heard the music by now and know “someone” with some extra cheddar. If you believe B.YONEST is nicer than most emcees you hear, ask around for me. Find some dough for us and keep a portion for yourself!

Industry Connections. WE NEED HELP! Zak and I go hard and we exhaust ourselves thinking of people we know who know people in the “INDUSTRY.” You know someone? WE NEED HELP! We are only two people, but i’m sure some of you know some people who know some people we dont know. Feel me? This opportunity for us all is truly one phone call away. As soon as we get a sit down meeting with a person (who can make a decision) and they hear me spit, IT’S A WRAP. Not conceited, it’s just the T-RUTH (pronounced tee-ruth). An email, phone number, title, A&R, website, blog or anything CREDIBLE you can think of and hand over…. We appreciate it because WE NEED HELP.. Im clownin!

Showz…for profit! WE NEED HELP! Performing for free is ridiculous. Would you give your best effort on your “job” for free? Probably NOT. Thus, if anyone needs an opening act, party performer, background noize, etc, for profit, let us know. We will t-ravel (pronounced tee-ravel) a pretty far way (i think we’ve proven) for a good time with great people. You guys hear anything. let us know! Why? Well because WE NEED HELP! A booking agent would be cool too!

Lastly, Support! WE NEED HELP! It’s very easy to get caught up in the lives we live. All a person truly needs sometimes is a little empathy. Just to know they are doing the right things, they aren’t as bad as everyone says and to keep movin’ Support is crucial for anyone especially a fool who challenges the waves of normality and takes a giant leap of “faith” that it’s gonna all be aiight!! So for Zak and myself if you cant give ideas, money, industry connections or show info.. JUST THROW US A LITTLE POSITIVE “CHI.” thanks and we’ll be in touch!


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