For all of us who give a shit, the Cleveland Cavaliers or should i say the LebronValiers received home court advantage throughout the playoffs last night by defeating the Indiana Pacers. With a record of 66-15 and a home record of 39-1, they are going to be a SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!


The Boston Celtics just came in 2 nights ago and got blasted by 31. The Orlando Magic are a serious threat, but I dont think threat enough. Basically, the Cavs going to the NBA Finals. NO , NO, NO. I dont want to jinx them and I’m a serious Pacer fan, but it’s SOO difficult not to cheer for these boys. They are the greatest version of a team, I’ve seen in YEARZ.. TRULY, YEARZ..


The Cavaliers play like a bunch of little kids on a GREAT college team. They have handshakes, pregame spectacles and they cheer on every player.. They root for eachother like something I’ve never seen. GOO CAVALIERS. The playoffs start Saturday and I feel TERRIBLE for the Detroit Pistons. They have no IDEA what they are in for, but it’s not going to be pretty.. ALL HAIL



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