Eight-Year-Old Victim’s Body Found in Sunday School Teacher’s Suitcase. KILLER faces DEATH PENALTY!!

What should happened? Comment and tell me YOUR OPINION.


The facts are a beautiful 8 year old girl, Sandra Cantu was found in the suitcase of her Sunday School Teacher, Melissa Huckaby in Tracy, Ca. Huckaby’s suitcase was found in an “irrigation pond” with Sandra inside.

Sandra was a playmate of Huckaby’s 5 year old daughter and Huckaby stated she was at her house the day she went missing. The saddest news of all is the little girl was sexually assaulted as well. Not very often does the news report a “woman” sexually assaulting and/or murdering a little girl. That’s where it gets somewhat confusing and sticky.


Sandra disappeared on March 27th and hundreds of volunteers searched for her in the city of Tracy, Ca (population of 78,000, where she lived) until she was found @ the pond. Ms. Huckaby has been arrested before on crimes such as petty theft, but this is the mos serious crime to her or anyone in the city of  Tracy, maybe EVER.

Ms. Huckaby was on suicide watch yesterday in the San Joaquin County Jail. There are no other suspects, police have stated, no other arrests will be made and her arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

I reported on this story only because it disgusted me, personally. I have a daughter and this is one of the most nauseating thoughts, every. Please extend your prayers to the Cantu family as well as the other side.. IT’S A TRICKY situation..



Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the Huckaby Case. I say HELL YEAH. If this woman did what the prosecutors, police and WORLD says she did.. KILL THAT BITCH. I hate passing judgement and this is an “innocent til proven guilty” country, but PLEASE. If Melissa Huckaby was a man, this conversation would be NULL and VOID.. Huckaby has a new hearing set for September 25th. LETZ BYONEST!! More Updates to come..


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