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In the latest controversy concerning artist and record deals, Drake has officially given his “independence” away. He has signed his first major label deal joining forces with Lil Wayne (Young Money), Baby (Cash Money), Universal and Republic. What that means to me?? Before Drake gets to touch his check, FOUR OTHER PEOPLE will receive their dough first. Drake will have all the marketing he needs, all the financial backing he needs, but HE’S GOING TO BE BROKE… Not broke, like “I’m starving for a meal,” broke. Broke like “I wish I would’ve listened to my momma and not signed this deal,” broke. DID THE MAJOR LABEL GLITZ take another great artist?? IT SEEMS SO!

Artists receive recognition all over the world. Videos can be broadcasted on the Media Outlets such as BET, MTV and VH1. They go on tour, they promote their albums, they do book signings, interviews with Regis and Kelly (for lack of better term), but what they dont know is labels sign them to 360 deals. What does this mean EXACTLY?? They are taking money off the top of every financial extremity. Shows, books, haircuts, clothes, albums, dinners, etc. The labels are GETTING PAID off your work, Drake. You have no IDEA how much money you just made Lil Wayne. NO IDEA! While you feel extremely motivated by your early successes and think “this is the gusto” Lil Wayne and his camp are chomping at the bit. You just signed your LIFE AWAY, DRAKE. Literally N Financially!

I completely understand how and why individuals comply to the lifestyle of the major label recognition. No question about it. 5 years ago, it’s all I spoke of was a record deal. As I look now, I realize the grunt work of doing it independently may be extensively more, but the final pay-off can be BEYOND PROSPEROUS. It can be life altering and personally, that’s what I’m going for. Why not challenge the market and become the 1st person/company to do it “YOUR WAY.” Is it more difficult, of course. The work is excrutiating, yet EVERY second is feels like a win. I’ve grown to prefer the method.

Artists will begin to learn, see and realize the major record labels are just as fucked as the independent artists. They may have a few extra dollars to throw your way, but they also have elevendeight artists on the label. They also are stuck with a commitment of each artist, band or performer on their label. In my opinion, being on a record label is like going to a humongous College or University. Your classes are FULL with 200 students a piece therefore the teacher(s) don’t have time to interact (one on one)  with students. You mine as well teach yourself the class lessons thus doing it INDEPENDENTly!

Face it, the game is soooo different, today. You MUST be able to do more than rap, sing and dance. You BETTER come to the table with some much information, websites, songs, videos and extravagant ideas the label(s) cant help, but sign your COMPANY. Not act, but COMPANY! If I never make another dollar selling albums (which I will. TRUST ME), I KNOW we (B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES) have enough ideas, concepts, ventures and goals to make billions of dollars, anyway. THAT’S what companies, corporations and labels are looking for. Not the NEXT BIG THING, but the NEXT HUMONGOUS BRAND. IT’S THE ENTERPRIZE!!



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BET-awards-2009-winners-nomineesIn a night dedicated to the late, yet great Michael Jackson, the 2009 BET Awards displayed the most unbelievable ode to the “King of Pop.” The night began with a surprise feature (that Marlon Wayans gave away in the pre-show..oops) by New Edition (Ronny, Bobby (yes Bobby Brown), Ricky, Mike, Ralph T. and Johnny Gill as they welcomed the crowd to Jackson 5 songs along with the dance routines and N.E. swagger. The crowd had no idea who was on stage at first as they showed Diddy realizing Bobby Brown was on stage. Amazing performance and it felt so right to see New Edition on stage again.

Jaime Foxx was introduced and walked on stage in perfect “M.J.” attire… The “Beat It” video girl. The red zipper jacket, the black tight pants, the blue undershirt, the white socks and black shoes. He wouldn’t let the crowd sit down as he cracked joke after joke about his love for the King. THE WHOLE NIGHT WAS DEDICATED TO the KING and it FELT SOOOO GOOD, didn’t it y’all? Speaking of “KING’s,” LeBron James took home the first award of the night, Athlete of the Year and Lil Wayne grabbed rapper of the year. Congrats and respect to you both.

Keri Hilson did a phenomenal job showing M.J. love with her presentation of “Knock You Down.” She was decked out with the “Billie Jean” video swagger and I must say, her performance was dope and Keri H. is BEAUTIFUL.. REAL LIFE BEAUTIFUL. Jaime Foxx was the perfect host of the awards this year if you ask me. He refused to let the people, the black people, forget who they were there for and it was perfect. Great performance by the way Jaime on Blame it on the Alcohol. Special features by Travis Barker, Snoop Doggy Dogg and T-Pain put it down!!! #HOLLAWONIMO!!

Beyonce Knowles, known for her uptempo performances with back up dancers and such, performed two slow ballads beautifully decked out in all white. They woman is super talented, I must say. Her outfit was crazy as hell, but she gets down. Get ’em Girl!!! Did I mention Jaime Foxx did a great job? His gear was the D.O.P.E.S.T. s*ih, ever!! Mad love to Mary, Mary. Hate all you will, people.. IT’S THE GOD IT ME. Damn Queen Latifah can rap. Let’s not forget y’all. Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah and Yo-Yo were some bad bit*hes.That’s my shout out the fly women out there. Special congratulations to Keri Hilson on the New Artist Award. Damn, you fine baby.. love you!

Not to the fellas. Thanks to Ne-Yo, the old -time pioneers of R&B got to come and represent. Keith Sweat, Guy and Bell Biv Devoe?? GET REAL, BET… You did and AMAZING job and set a standard for Award Ceremonies to follow. Oh did i mention the whole show was in memory, respect and honor of MICHAEL “King of Pop” JACKSON. Damn, we love you Mike.

What an ode to The O’Jays.. The 2009 BET Lifetime Achievement Award. This is five decades of music, we’re talking people. Fifty years?? The O’Jays (all from Ohio)  Come the hell on! Tevin Campbell, Johnny Gill, Trey Songs and Tyrese?? Introduced by Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train? Not to mention, the “sh*t bomb”dropped by lead singer Eddie LVert. Damn, man.. The O’Jays.

The 2009 BET Awards was the perfect display of music for me. It was just enough of the music of the yesteryear that definitely placed me in the position to sing in choirs, dance in dance groups and start my solo hip hip career. On the other hand, the modern era music/artists such as Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and others made me realize the R&B genre is in great hands. The King would be proud.

Michael Jackson is a legacy. He left 45 years of music for us to never forget. He will live longer than you, me, my daughters daughters and their cousins daughters as well. Long time, huh? Janet Jackson was the highlight of the evening for me. The fact the she could have the strength, love, compassion and will to walk onto the stage and represent her family was ASTONISHING! Janet, we here at the B.YONEST INVAZION STAFF love you, your family and are proud to feel like family. You said tonight “We miss him so much” and I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. We are highly empathetic to you Ms. Jackson and we will never forget. NEVER! ALL HAIL, fellow African Americans and EVERYONE else. Black I.S. Beautiful!! ALL HAIL!


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The reports are in and it is indeed a fact, the king of POP, MICHAEL JACKSON has passed away. At 3:15pm (pacific time) Michael Jackson is dead. The most unthinkable, crazy, saddening topic of the day. I wish there were words to say, feelings to express, songs to sing or anything we could do to bring him back. He has been accused of some horrific things, but he is still MICHAEL JACKSON.

Let’s not forget what the man did, people. He is responsible for Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, The Jackson 5 and so many other phenomenal things. The Moonwalk, MICHAEL JACKSON. I mean what else is ther to say. Speechless!

I want everyone to take some time to reflect on the life and career of Michael, please. There are some crazy things he’s known for indeed, but let’s take time to focus on the positive side of the LEGEND. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra… Michael Jackson. Can’t deny it. Can’t debate it. MICHAEL JACKSON. This is one of the blog entries I don’t want to stop writing because it feels like my official farewell. We love you Mr. Jackson. ALL HAIL!!


p.s. for the record.. “Thriller sold 26 MILLION copies. 26 MILLION copies…”


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As the websites, blogs  and television stations were parading for more content, I as well was saddened by the terrible news of Michael Jackson’s death. The facts are he was picked up by paramedics from his home for a cardiac arrest heart attack. The Los Angeles Times reported he was in a coma. REPORTED he was dead. They even blasted twitter updates from other celebrites. We just don’t know what’s going on exactly, but THE WORLD is all concerned. It’s amazing how we are so focused on this topic. It let’s us know Michael Jackson is STILL MICHAEL JACKSON!


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Pop Superstar, Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles, California due to a supposed heart attack he suffered. Apparently Jackson went into cardiac arrest @ his home this afternoon @ 12:21pm. The ambulance picked him up and he was given CPR on the way to the hospital.

Jackson’s mother (along with other family members) met Michael at the hospital and one member stated Michael was “in really bad shape.” Michael’s father spoke to TMZ reporters and stated “Michael is not doing too well.” Michael was due to perform sell-out shows in London O2 Arena starting in July. Rumor has it, those are definitely going to be cancelled though.

There are a ton of things I could say about the karmatix of life, but I will leave that alone for now. I wish Mr. “Touch a Kid” Jackson very well. I hope for his speedy recovery, first and foremost. Secondly, where the hell has he been anyways. Aint nobody seen Michael Jackson since he was holding his “caucasian” baby over the balcony.. I’M JUST SAYIN.. ALL HAIL!



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I was just delivered the sad news, Farrah Fawcett has passed away. Her long time companion Ryan O’neal was at  her besdise when she took her last breath. She was in the ICU at St John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Ca.


The beautiful star of “Charlies Angel’s” had been suffering from anal cancer since 2006. Peace, love and Beauty, Farrah!! XOXO



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Damn, the Cavs Organization really is willing to do damn near ANYTHING to keep LeBron satisfied. They bought the Cavs 20 million dollar  buy out. They did trade Sasha P (which i think was dumb) and Ben Wallace (which i think was the smartest thing they could’ve ever done) to get Shaq. What do you think of this trade? You want my opinion(s)? Good, I’m going to give them to you. HERE WE GO!

1. SHAQ is 37 years old. I think he’s still a serious force to reckon with though. I mean anytime there’s a 7’1″, 375 pound agile center on the court (who can HOOP) there’s a problem for his opponents. Gilbert Arenas Vs Shaq Here!!

2. The Cavs proved they couldn’t guard the pick n roll with an athletic center and taller guard. Does Shaq change that? I mean he’s athletic, but he is 37 years old. Kareem Abdul Jabar seems to believe so.

3. He adds another scorer. Is there enough basketball(s) for everyone or does Shaq have the ability to bring LeBron that 3rd and 4th player/scorer? Dam the East is about to be serious. Gilbert Arenas vs Shaq Here!!

Shaq has been yappin his yapper about being the only Superman, period. Dwight Howard is probably in the gym right now lifting, shooting free throws and dunkin on players because he heard about the trade. Kevin Garnett is chomping at the bit to get back on the court for this one. The Eastern Conference is clearly in the hands of 3 teams and 3 teams, ONLY. The Cavs, The Magic and The Celtics. The Celtics think they still are the best team in the East, when ALL are healthy. They Cavs think they are the best team in basketball, period considering they had the best record and the Magic went to the Eastern Conference Finals by beating both teams. They definitely feel GREAT about their chances. WHAT A GREAT SEASON THIS IS ABOUT TO BE… OH YEAH, the draft is TOMORROW. Gilbert Arenas vs Shaq HERE!!


SHAQUILLE, I wish you the best homie! Good luck w/ The Cavs and with your wife. She gonna get some dough for this one.. More Shaq News HERE!!