Jay-Z and Eminem perform for “DJ Hero” release party in LA

281x211Jay-Z and Eminem shared the mic at the Wiltern on June 1st in a rare joint appearance to celebrate the launch of “DJ HERO” in front of a celebrity-studded audience.

Travis Barker and DJ AM (TRVS/DJAM) started off the night and commanded the crowds attention followed by a quick song by Warren G.

Jay-Z took the stage next with live band – Roc Boys and performed an 11 song set of classics as well as some newer songs…”99 Problems,” “Can I Live” “Jigga What,” “Public Service Announcement” and his verse from “Swagga Like Us.” The set raged on with spins through “Blue Magic,” “My President Is Black,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and Lil Wayne’s “A Milli,” ending the set with a rock remix of “Encore.

Jigga acted as if the set was over and then asked if he could perfom 1 more track – it was “Renegade” and Eminem took the stage.  The crowd went crazy.

Eminem stayed on stage to perform “3 A.M.,” from the Relapse album followed by “Underground,” “We Made You” and “Crack a Bottle.” The set closed with Em’s classic “Lose Yourself.”

Speaking of “DJ Hero” according to reports Def Jam is releasing Def Jam Rapstar in last 2009 (prob right around xmas).

Video Game authority IGN.com spoke to Lauren Wirtzer, Def Jam Interactive’s vice president of marketing and 4mm CEO Nicolas Perrett to get some incite into the video game. “There are not very many products out there that speak directly to the hip-hop consumer base,” said Wirtzer. “More than just a music game, this is a game that really incorporates all of the crucial elements of this lifestyle. It’s not just about music, it’s about swagger.”

It has not been said which gaming system Rapstar will be released on…


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