lebron_wallpaperHow often does a player walk off the court after losing without congratulating the opposing team? How often does a coach disregard a player or coach from the other team without giving praise for a win? Come on people, you are acting like LeBron James did the unthinkable by leaving the floor after the loss in Orlando. You act like he’s a monster because he did not run over to the Magic team (especially Dwight Howard) and give him props for beating the hell out of his team 4-2.

I know for a fact I saw Kobe Bryant and the Lakers leave the floor after the Nuggets beat them a couple times. I’m pretty H.I.V. (which means sure, positive, factually speaking) Chris Paul didn’t dap up the Nugget team after losing by 41 points in the playoffs. It’s ridiculous.

The man drops 40+ points in every game. He is the most humble superstar in the game, damn near. He’s an unbelievable team player and gives his heart and soul to his team and City. If walking off the court after losing the series is all you have to diss him in his six year career, he’s doing pretty well. Keep it movin’, Bron..


He is still a ROCKSTAR in my book!!!  Enjoy the B.ANONYMOUZ remix of ROCKSTAR (CLICK HERE)



  1. Kobe, the Lakers, and Chris Paul didn’t go up and shake the hands of their opponents at the times of their looses because those weren’t elimination games. LeBron’s was an elimination game and the last time he would be on the court with the Magic.

  2. I can’t wait til tonight!! Go Lakers

  3. I dont even know who i want to win, truthfully cynthia.. i really dont..


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