blogowhiteI wish I could sit here and tell you I have some exciting news to let you in on. I wish I was sitting @ my computer ready to tell you how amazing of a week this has been, celebrity wise. I wish I had dirt on the “WHOOPI GOLDBERG featuring LIONEL RITCHIE” sextape (fuckin yuck) but I honestly don’t. (album here)

No one gives a shit about Heidi and Spencers’ wack asses begging to be back ON “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I reckon the fact that the Lakers beat the living day lights out of the Orlando Magic last night is worth blogging, but unless you live in Orlando and/or Los Angeles, you (like myself) probably don’t give a tif! Wouldn’t you have rather the Finals been LeBron vs Kobe? No, not the Lakers vs. the Cavaliers. LeBron vs. Kobe. Anyways……. (g rated blog here)

Gas is higher and so is the cost of weed. So now it costs me more to smoke trees if I so desire. Why, cuz of the gas I gotta put in the car to get to my weed man’s house, dummy! What else? Man, oh man. It’s damn near summer in Columbus Ohio and it’s still 55 degrees. That’s effin amazing, right. Especially considering the fact I’ve been in Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the last four months.. Does it sound like I’m bitching a litle bit? Oh, well let’s talk about the good stuff then, fuckers. (letzbyonest website here.)

Everyone is healthy. Homies are havin’ babies and gettin married everywhere around me. Zak and I have so much freakin’ content for you foolz we don’t even know what to do with it ourselves. I’m gettin ready to get ready to hit the road again. Mentally, anyway! It’s a tough task, but we have the potential, drive and fundamentals to get ‘er done. I love Los Angeles, California. GEEEEESH!

Not too much to rant about right this second. I felt it was the weekend and I needed to give some love, hate and down right YONESTy to the world. This has actually inticed me to begin a weekly “Friday Follow-Up” of all the shit that happened in the week. That way, you can read up, study up and stay tuned into what’s crackin on a weekly basis (in case you cant check the B.L.O.G. every second of the day.) ALL HAIL!



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