logoletzb2It’s the Spring Season and obviously more people are attaching themselves to their loves ones and walking down that aisle to say their “I DO’s.” I’m all for the “I DO’s” and such, but before you tie that knot, commit yourselves to a single person and make babies here are a few things to think about.

1. What was your partners cleaning methods in their household as a child. Did they have to clean a great deal or did their parents not give a shit if they cleaned or not.

This is SOOOO IMPORTANT TO KNOW. If they didn’t have to clean when they were little, they definitely aren’t going to clean ish NOW. You have to be prepared to live with a filty, nasty, dingy slob. It’s not their fault, either so you cant be all mad at them and ask for a divorce. You have to work with them and train them on YOUR cleaning methods to set a standard. My mom was a FREAK of cleanliness so (by nature) I’m a cleaning PSYCHO.

2. Is your partner allergic to something most people aren’t allergic to. Fabric Softener? Zest soap? Baby powder, etc?

I wish you knew the severity of this question. Imagine buying Fabric Softner and washing your husband or wife’s clothes with it ONLY to have them break out in the WORSE rash, hives, etc possible. You tried to do a good deed and wash your partner’s laundry and caused the to rush to the Emergency Room because their neck closed up due to the peanut butter u slipped on their sandwich. I’M JUST SAYIN.

3. How many babies do you want?

Let’s think for a second. If you want three boys and two girls and the Mrs wants one boy, who’s fucked? Somebody is (literally) and it’s important shit to find out before you throw your penis in your chick and end up like “Jon and Kate.” 8 fuckin babies, a television show and you hate each other. I’M JUST SAYIN.

THESE are just a few questions/tips I believe will help you understand your partner immensely. I could go into such grave details and add more questions, but i truly believe these are enough to SCARE THE SHIT out of the idiots, to PUT SOME SERIOUS quesions in motion between others and PROBABLY END A FEW ENGAGEMENTS as well. Therefore, I did my job. LMAO.. ALL HAIL!


ps. go buy the album “THE SILENCE IZ BROKEN.”


One Response to “LETZBYONEST #30: GETTING MARRIED? HERE’z a FEW NOTEZ before you say “I DO..””

  1. That is so COMEDY and TRUE at the same time!!!

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