I’m terribly saddened to report the wonderful Farrah Fawcett seems closer to the inevitable. A Catholic Priest was called and Farrah was given her last rites. She was released from the hospital two days ago and re-submitted again yesterday. Sad, so sad. Farrah, best known for her role on Charlie’s Angels, has been battling cancer from some time now. Long time companion, Ryan O’neal, told Barbara Walters in an interview they are supposed to marry.

“Farrah finally agreed to marry me. As soon as she’s able to say YES or I DO, we’ll do it. Maybe we can just nod our heads,” said O’neal.

I wish there were words to say here. Truly I do. A great deal of us don’t know Farrah Fawcett well enough to know how great of a human being she really is. I’m in my 20’s and her in her 60’s but you always get a great “refreshing” feeling when you see Farrah on red carpets or in interviews. To see such a beautiful person, with such an inviting spirit, going out like this really hits your soft spot. Farrah’s family has been called and they remain bedside with Farrah right now. The chances of her coming out of this are slim, but we are praying for you Farrah. Stay blessed, WE LOVE you and APPRECIATE the feeling of warmth and peace you continue to deliver to us all.. with love..



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