The reports are in and it is indeed a fact, the king of POP, MICHAEL JACKSON has passed away. At 3:15pm (pacific time) Michael Jackson is dead. The most unthinkable, crazy, saddening topic of the day. I wish there were words to say, feelings to express, songs to sing or anything we could do to bring him back. He has been accused of some horrific things, but he is still MICHAEL JACKSON.

Let’s not forget what the man did, people. He is responsible for Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, The Jackson 5 and so many other phenomenal things. The Moonwalk, MICHAEL JACKSON. I mean what else is ther to say. Speechless!

I want everyone to take some time to reflect on the life and career of Michael, please. There are some crazy things he’s known for indeed, but let’s take time to focus on the positive side of the LEGEND. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra… Michael Jackson. Can’t deny it. Can’t debate it. MICHAEL JACKSON. This is one of the blog entries I don’t want to stop writing because it feels like my official farewell. We love you Mr. Jackson. ALL HAIL!!


p.s. for the record.. “Thriller sold 26 MILLION copies. 26 MILLION copies…”


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