In the latest controversy concerning artist and record deals, Drake has officially given his “independence” away. He has signed his first major label deal joining forces with Lil Wayne (Young Money), Baby (Cash Money), Universal and Republic. What that means to me?? Before Drake gets to touch his check, FOUR OTHER PEOPLE will receive their dough first. Drake will have all the marketing he needs, all the financial backing he needs, but HE’S GOING TO BE BROKE… Not broke, like “I’m starving for a meal,” broke. Broke like “I wish I would’ve listened to my momma and not signed this deal,” broke. DID THE MAJOR LABEL GLITZ take another great artist?? IT SEEMS SO!

Artists receive recognition all over the world. Videos can be broadcasted on the Media Outlets such as BET, MTV and VH1. They go on tour, they promote their albums, they do book signings, interviews with Regis and Kelly (for lack of better term), but what they dont know is labels sign them to 360 deals. What does this mean EXACTLY?? They are taking money off the top of every financial extremity. Shows, books, haircuts, clothes, albums, dinners, etc. The labels are GETTING PAID off your work, Drake. You have no IDEA how much money you just made Lil Wayne. NO IDEA! While you feel extremely motivated by your early successes and think “this is the gusto” Lil Wayne and his camp are chomping at the bit. You just signed your LIFE AWAY, DRAKE. Literally N Financially!

I completely understand how and why individuals comply to the lifestyle of the major label recognition. No question about it. 5 years ago, it’s all I spoke of was a record deal. As I look now, I realize the grunt work of doing it independently may be extensively more, but the final pay-off can be BEYOND PROSPEROUS. It can be life altering and personally, that’s what I’m going for. Why not challenge the market and become the 1st person/company to do it “YOUR WAY.” Is it more difficult, of course. The work is excrutiating, yet EVERY second is feels like a win. I’ve grown to prefer the method.

Artists will begin to learn, see and realize the major record labels are just as fucked as the independent artists. They may have a few extra dollars to throw your way, but they also have elevendeight artists on the label. They also are stuck with a commitment of each artist, band or performer on their label. In my opinion, being on a record label is like going to a humongous College or University. Your classes are FULL with 200 students a piece therefore the teacher(s) don’t have time to interact (one on one)  with students. You mine as well teach yourself the class lessons thus doing it INDEPENDENTly!

Face it, the game is soooo different, today. You MUST be able to do more than rap, sing and dance. You BETTER come to the table with some much information, websites, songs, videos and extravagant ideas the label(s) cant help, but sign your COMPANY. Not act, but COMPANY! If I never make another dollar selling albums (which I will. TRUST ME), I KNOW we (B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES) have enough ideas, concepts, ventures and goals to make billions of dollars, anyway. THAT’S what companies, corporations and labels are looking for. Not the NEXT BIG THING, but the NEXT HUMONGOUS BRAND. IT’S THE ENTERPRIZE!!



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  1. Excellent right up bro! And I feel You with pushing your BRAND rather than your ACT! — thats why Times Up Productions is gon branch off into so many other things!

    [[[(((T.U.P. da Sh!T)))]]] much to do, so little life to live.

    — You really do sound like you know the formula bro..I wish you the most success on your indie grind!

    p.s. – It dont sound like mr. enterprize is to far from gettin that journalistic gwap either

  2. thanks Killa. I really appreciate it man.. Yeah, i hope people comprehend and understand these are the opinions and beliefs of B.YONEST.. cats be wilin on me sometimes.. i think it’s funny though.. DONT READ IT PEOPLE.. u know wut u gonna get by now!!! YEAH MAN, BRAND. BRAND. BRAND.. why not?? journalistic dough, huh?? BRO, WHATEVER THE “ENTERPRIZE” GOTTA D.I.D… LETZ GOOO!!! LOVE KILLA


  3. Roly Sha’ul Gutierrez at 10:55am June 30
    he aint no millionaire off his mixtapes. he has been in hollywood films and on television long before his mixtape sales. Drake all over the radio before signing too? thas a trick by whichever Major was tryna get him to sign. u dont get that kinda airplay unsigned and definitely not off of street hype. look how hard it was for 50

  4. Roly Sha’ul Gutierrez at 9:09am June 30
    like he said. u need that army that a label has to push ur record and u need that distribution. all the babies crying about selling out, do me a favor and stfu. thanks for flying Sha’ul Air.

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