dailygrindDo YOU wake up in the morning, check your facebook stats (as they GLOBALLY rise by the minute), write a blog entry or TWELVE about celebrities (such as Lindsay Lohan, Steve McNair or YOURSELF), write a song or FOUR (with incredible production from ALL OVER THE MAP, USA), hop on twitter and notice people left you messages while you were sleeping (because you’re that fuckin amazing), read a passage from a  wonderfully written book (the title i REFUSE TO GIVE AWAY because there’s a GREAT DEAL of biters in the game…), write a few log lines, script lines, edit video, sip your coffee and check the clock ONLY to realize it’s not even NOON YET? IF NOT, you’re not G.R.I.N.D.I.N.!! I’M NOT CALLIN PEOPLE OUT.. I’M TRYIN TO IMPROVE YOUR GRIND.

Every human in the flippn’ world utilizes the phrase “grindin” IT’S ANNOYING as shit. It’s almost as bad as people walkin around screamin Michael Jackson songs off their balconies when they were saying he was a rapist, felonious and this was just eight minutes before he died. I’m JUST SAYIN… Stop sayin’ you’re GRINDIN. Every song, interview and corner store vendor claims they grindin’. SOME OF YOU FOOLS are WORKIN’… I HATE to be do blatant, but OPEN YOUR EYES, face REALITY and live in it. I appreciate EVERY PERSON who works, hustles, bustles, tussles and muscles their way win in the door. GRINDIN’ is WAAAY DIFFERENT, MAN.

Grindin is BREATHIN’ what you do. Grindin is HAVIN THE BALLS to jump off the cliff for your shit when NO ONE says you can or should. Grindin is wakin up at 5am only because you know your business partner USUALLY gets up @ 6am or so. When you get to the computer to check your emails, your business partner has already sent you four emails about Sponsorships, upcoming shows and Website updates. NOW, THAT’S GRINDIN.. Challenge ONE ANOTHER to GRIND, people.

THIS IS THE WORLD OF “Don’t talk about it.. B.(YONEST) about it.” Words definitely help in the development of an idea and the creativity of the concept, but DO IT! Again, this is only to help y’all. Always. I would much rather you NEVER tell me what you’re going to do and just do it, first. I’m still a sucker for this one because I have soo many ideas floating, I want to publish them to the world. THATS NOT GRINDIN, B.YONEST. GRINDIN is doing the research (after the concept is developed), creating a pre-production copy of the concept (people dont understand what’s in your head.. THEY NEED THE VISUAL.. I’m just SAYIN), re-fining your pre-produced project, making it PERFECT and RELEASING IT TO THE WORLD. Thus, THE B.YONEST INVAZION IS GRINDIN’.

I HOPE all of YOU take this article as a challenge step up your “GRINDS.” I work hard to keep mine and an all time high. I know when I’m asleep, SOMEONE is awake and working on something I SHOULD be working on. SO THOSE OF YOU GRINDING, stay on it because it challenges me. THOSE OF YOU, NOT GRINDING…. UHHHHHHH!! THOSE OF YOU who dont know what grinding is, SHOULD read this article over and over until you understand the necessity of (what we here at B.YONEST ENERPRIZES like to call) GRIND MODE! ALL HAIL


ps. i grind so much, I FORGET TO EAT!


One Response to “B.YONEST has a QUESTION.. are YOU “REALLY” G.R.I.N.D.I.N?”

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