15138011-15138022-largeI’m asked that fatal question at least 10 times per week. Who is responsible (or to blame) for the lack of album sales? Is it the Internet? Is is the Record Labels giving less money for marketing? Is it producers deciding their beats and sounds are worth 150,000 dollars per track? Who is RESPONSIBLE for leaking songs 2 months before they are due to release? Someone in Eminem’s camp “stole” some songs, released them on the Internet and leaked ’em early. It happens to ALMOST every artist in today’s Industry. If you’re an Independent Artist the chances are lesser, but you’re records not going to get any radio, television or mainstream love if you Independent anyway. Thus, who is to blam for album sales being @ their ALL-TIME low? we ALL ARE..

Basically what happened was this….. Record labels thought puttin one hit on an album was cool. Singles were diminshing from the shelves of Circuit City, Media Play and Meijer’s across the world. Most artists only have one or two GREAT records on an album and lables were making an excrutiating amount of money shooting one video, releasing one song and selling MILLIONS of copies. Fortunately (depending on who’s side of the fence you’re on here), the market smartened up. They refused to pay 15 dollars for two good songs. Albums sales began to diminish by the second, Itunes came out and began to sale “singles” again, record labels began to leak songs hoping it would entice album sales… NOW, we’re here; stuck in an uphill battle between artist, comsumer and label owner. UH OH!

grammy_award~s215x280The next question is how do we fix such a juncture? First and foremost, artists need to STOP GIVING MUSIC away for free. You people are eroding the concept and principle of creative expression. If we continue to GIVE IT AWAY, the consumers will continue to REACT as if it SHOULD BE FREE. We are just as much to blame as the consumer is. Imagine if we all went on strike until we got paid what we righfully deserve? NO MUSIC? Producers, stop being ridiculous with the cost of your creation. We all understand you’re the most AMAZING people in the world, but you may miss an extremely talented artist because he/she/they didn’t have 200,000 dollars for production. Seems poiintless to me.

Every form of Entertainment seems to continue striving forward as the Music Industry worsens by the millisecond. More and more “acts” keep surging from the nooks and crannies of every city, metropolis and town, WORLDWIDE. Until someone figures out how to prosper (which really means we all need to finally come together.. artist, promoters, producers, label owners, a&r’s, etc) again, it’s going to continue to get worse waaaaaay before it’s get’s better. Hold on and enjoy the ride, people! AL HAIL!!




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