Not since 1996 has this happened. I don’t even know how to say it, but to just say it. With Tiger Woods leading going into the final round, Y.E Ying defeated Tiger Woods today to win the 91st PGA Championship.Ying had an incredible eagle on the 14th hole and am amazing approach shot on 18 to set him up for his Championship win as Tiger watched, astonishingly. Ying shot a 70 and beat Tiger by three strokes as he shot a 75. What does this mean? Tiger Woods is human is what I take from it, but South Korea is officially on the map in golf.

Tiger, who was dressed in his Nike red polo shirt (with white stripes) and his black Nike hat couldn’t put it together today. He had trouble reading greens all day and his final round 75 set him up for failure. He had the lead all week long, but couln’t complete the task. Tiger didn’t win a Major this year. Abbzolutely amazing to me as well, but to heir is human. He wil definitely make a comeback (he’s Tiger), but today was not his day. Congratulations to Y.E. LIng. It’s actually nice to see someone defeat Tiger for once. I can’t lie. All Hail



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