As he sat next to to gentlemen, Tony Dungy, former coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and the director or the Humane Society, Michael Vick gave his first interview Sunday night on 60 Minutes with James Brown.

“You had a 135 million dollar contract. Endorsements and all Michael. When did you realize what you did was wrong, Michael,” Brown asked Vick.

“When that prison cell closed and I was sitting there by myself. I realized the people, animals and lives I effected and it hurt. I was away from my family, friends, fiance and football. It was WRONG”

The sincerity Michael Vick displayed in his article seem genuine. I guess we will not know the genuineness until the season starts and he continues to show people through his actions. People didn’t know how extensive of a dog fighting ring “Bad News Kennels” Michael was involved in. 66 dogs were captured alive from his home in Rural Virginia and 8 were found dead.

“Bank roling, beating, shooting, drowning and electricuting dogs, MIchael. These are hellacious acts,” Brown commented. Mr. Vick couldn’t do anything but agree. He knew he had the opportunity to stop it, but admitted he (number one) didn’t want to and (number two) he claimed he didn’t know how to tell his friends it was wrong.

Michael had no problem admitting he was terrible for his actions. He also realized he was a lazy football player that took everything for granted.

“Last one in the building, first one to leave. I hear the rumors, but I can’t say anything because I knew they were true. I was partying, not focusing on football. Just actin dumb. I realize now just what I lost and what I was doing wrong.” That’s all a man can do, people. Admit his wrongdoings and attempt to change their direction. I really hope the world doesn’t attempt to sabotage his life anymore. The man paid his debt to society, he’ agreed to do whatever he can to teach children and adults the importance of loving their animals and he’s a Philadelphia Eagle. He hurt many people, bur more importantly himself. He’s the one who has to look in the mirror everyday and we as people should do ur best to make sure Mr. Vick comes out of this a “better man.” If not, we as a society are just as bad. Agree?



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