Track and Field Sports officials have decided to give Caster Semenya, a distance runner for South Africa, a gender test due to the fact IT’S DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to tell if she/he/it is a man or woman. Semenya, 18 years old, won the 800 meter dash in the Bejing World Championships by running a 1:55. She ran a 2:04 in the race last year. Shit’s somewhat confusing to me as well. Semenya has hairy armpits, no breasts, but when she/he/it wears spandex pants, there seems to be no male genitalia. So what is THIS THING?

B.YONEST SYNOPSIS is Caster Semenya is a steroid induced freak of nature. There is NO WAY in the Universe a person can cut 10 seconds off their 800 time in a year. I MEAN no way. I ran track. I ran the 400 and the 800. I was DAMN fast as well. Not one time, did i cut 10 seconds off my time in a year. I dont know if I cut 10 seconds off my time in my career truthfully. His/Her/Its abs are disgustingly ripped w/ an 8 pack. Its legs are the strongest looking legs in the field and did I mention the Thing has “hairy armpits.”  YOU decide for yourselves and tell me…

Is Semenya a MAN, a WOMAN or a FREAK OF NATURE??


Update! Update! September 11th, 2009!!!

Caster Semenya has been considered (by International Associates of Athletics Federation Officials) to be a hermaphrodite. She doesn’t contain a womb or ovaries and her testosterone levels are three times higher than that of a “normal” woman. COME ON PEOPLE!! This is amazing, right. A hermaphrodite who runs track as a woman. Track and Field Organizations have no idea who to do. Do they take the medals away? Do they allow her to run as a man? Do they ban her from athletics?


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