JASMINE FIORE identified by her fake boobs!!

What is the world coming to, people? I am NOT trying to make light of a dull situation, but Jasmine Fiore (Las Vegas promoter Playboy swimsuit model) was murdered by her husband (Ryan Alexander Jenkins; a reality television participant), mutilated and thrown in a suitcase. The only way she was identified was by the serial number on her breast implants. Abbzolutely ridiculous, but somewhat critical in a situation as such.

Jasmine was last seen with her husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins in Las Vegas at a poker event August 14th. Apparently Ryan was a jealous boyfriend and bothered by the fact his wife was still communicating w/ past boyfriends. Alexander was arrested in June for domestic abuse. He hit his wife in the arm and she called the police. Fiores’ mother reported they fought often regularly and Ryan was the “jealous type.” Murdering your wife, mutilating her body, breaking her teeth out and cutting off her finger nails, though?

Alexander is reported to possibly be in Canada. He reported his wife missing on August 14th and was on the road running August 15th. What makes a husband believe he can murder his wife, report her missing and get away with the murder. Oh and if you cut off finger nails and mutilate her, you may get away with it? It’s abbzolutely disgusting. What happened to the days of divorcing your wife because you don’t want to be married to her?

I HATE to utilize this news as an example. I truly do, but there are a number of men murdering their wives lately it seems. It’s like the Scott Peterson’s, Drew Peterson’s and the rest of these ASS HOLES believe killing their wives means they had the “last word” in their relationship. That whole “if I can’t have you, no one can” shit. YOU ARE FUCKIN’ IDIOTS, PEOPLE. If you don’t want to be married, sit your wife down and tell her. If you are arguing a lot, WALK AWAY. Taking a noose, tying her to a tree and shooting her IS NOT the move. I AGAIN am not trying to make light of a “terribly” dull situation. I just don’t know what else to do/say/feel. OPEN YOUR EYES and LOVE YOUR WIVES, PEOPLE.


sidenote: Alexander Jenkins was in the reality shows’ “I Love Money” and “Megan Wants a Millionaire”


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