What seemed to be a 10 minute segway in the late 90’s into the new millennium has become an uproar of weigh loss, relationship hookups and celebrities “looking for love IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES.” Flavor Flav, Ray J and other individuals are milking the reality cow and it’s becoming dissatisfying. For instance, why are Heidi and Spencer famous? No, they are not incredible actors such as Halle Berry and Matt Damon. They didn’t invent anything incredible and they are lacking talent. For some reason, they are all over the air waves and television screens. There are famous individuals and not yet famous individuals who deserve that spotlight SO MUCH more.

There is an individual sitting at home watching hundreds of people on television who have no business on a BLANK screen. Actors and actresses are losing movie roles to singers. I’m all about expanding the brand of ones’ self, but not if it’s going to diminish the Entertainment Brand as a whole. Omarosa is going to have a reality show. Denise Richards has a reality show. The Kardashians’ have a reality show. It’s becoming down right STUPID. I actually find myself somewhat entertained by this shit.

It started w/ Real World. I believe the 1st few series’ had some “reality” involved. Putting a group of kids in the same house and forcing them develop into one co-existing unit. Individuals from different walks of life and such. Great concept. Great concept. Reality television has grown into this spindle of sarcastic bullshit, though. Every show attempts to stretch the bar more than its’ predecessor making the “reality” non existent. Now there are stalkers, domestic abusers and murderers’ among the reality television circuit. Which brings me to my next issue with reality. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Are there sophisticated background checks? Does Vh1, MTV, TRU TV, Fox Reality and others screen each and every contestant proficiently. I’m sure there is a screen and maybe a background check, but these people can create a personality for themselves. We may NEVER know who they really are. Jasmine Fiore met her husband and eventual killer, Ryan Alexander Jenkins. He had been in the reality circuit through Vh1’s “Megan Wants A Millionaire” and “I Love Money.” I’m sure Vh1 knew some things about him, but did they know everything? These are questions of concern I have, honestly.

I understand, acknowledge and oblige television networks working diligently to entertain its’ viewers. I REALLY do. I challenge the networks to do the best they can to entertain us in a better way, though. “The Biggest Loser” changes peoples’ lives in a positive way. “America’s Got Talent” (although it has its’ querky side) changes lives in a positive way. Some of these shows I view as “30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.” Step your games’ up ASS HOLES.



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