Today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of Aaliyah. Every year I find myself saddened by the reality. Aaliyah “Baby Girl” Haughton is no more. She was the star I grew up with. I remember Aaliyah from 7th and 8th grade. Listening to Aaliyah “Age Aint Nothin But a Number” and “Are You Somebody” used to make my world spin. She was the first female vocalist I fell in love with and her beauty, talent, charisma and charm still outshine most artists, actors/actresses and entertainers today.

Aaliyah, you are still sincerely missed.  Not just by me and/or your family, but by the many lives you touched in your 22 years of life. God takes people from us when he believes their work here is done. I hate to disagree w/ the maker, but I’M SURE you had work to do still. It breaks my heart to think of the work/art/creativity that passed away with you. We DO ACKNOWLEGDE there is an angel in the sky watching our every move. We breathe, create and will continue to L.I.V.E. for you BABY GIRL. we LOVE YOU AALIYAH H. ALL HAIL!


SIDENOTE: AUGUST 29TH marks the 51st birthday or Michael Jackson. On that day, I truly hope we CELEBRATE the life of a man who touched and inspired EVERY SINGLE HUMAN walking the earth and some passed. It’s amazing to me AALIYAH passed away 8 years ago. It’s just as astonishing to MICHAEL JACKSON is gone. What a crazy thought, huh? No day is promised. Make SURE your heart is filled with love and joy for the next man. ALL HAIL!


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