This just in. On a day we utilize to celebrate the life of Aaliyah Haughton, Edward Moore Ted Kennedy (brother of  President John F. and Senator Robert F.) passed away last night from a malignant glioma (a cancerous brain tumor). This marks a sad day for the Democratic Party as well as the Kennedy Family. Truthfully, whether Democrat or Republican this is a topic of sadness for all. Ted Kennedy was the 3rd-longest-serving Senator in U.S. History. He was expelled from Harvard University for cheating on an exam and let back in after a 2 year stint in the Armed Forces. Kennedy was diagnosed in May of 2008 and he fought hard and diligently (as a Kennedy would/should) until August 25, 2009. Much love and appreciation to the Kennedy Family. Something tells me, had it not been for the Kennedy Family our life (as we know it today WOULD NOT BE. They were/are trend setters who always stand/stood up for what they believe. THANKS FOR THAT KENNEDY!

Again, my prayers, thoughts and emotions ring out to you and your family. The things you have all been through, most families could not bear. The name Kennedy will ring through American’s for centuries to come. The Kennedy name is a ‘brand’ name to Americans and anyone who participates in government business. The work and appreciation the “Kennedy family” had/has for their country is obvious and we wont forget it. All Hail!



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