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B.YONEST aka B DOT ANONYMOUZ hitz ‘EM again w/ his latest remix “Hello, Ayo” a compliment of Eminem’s “Hello” from his Relapse album. I’ve come to realize the wordplay of B.YONEST can go bar for bar with “anyone.” the man is ridiculous. Listen, Download and share it with your homiez.. “Hello, Ayo.”

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LETZ BYONEST #32: TECHNICALLY KHLOE and LAMAR are not married – was it all FAKE???

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logoletzb2UPDATE! UPDATE! (9/30/09)

The B.YONEST INVAZION JUST found out Khloe and Lamar have been friends for a long time. We were under the assumption that Khloe met Lamar, they smashed and were like “let’s get married.” Do we still belive it’s CRAZY? Of course, but the following article was reported before our latest update.. With that said, our opinions aren’t much different. Carry ON!!

Ok so NO ONE  here at the INVAZION wanted to write this article because the whole thing is such nonsense. After a great deal of angst and indifference, we decided to script an article together. Ready.. You asked for it..

First and foremost, WHO really GIVES a shit about a wedding that will be over before any of us knew they were married. Next summer we will be laughing our asses off about this stupid tish bull. YEAH, WE’RE HATERZ… MOVING ON!

The Kardashians some how became Americas guilty pleasure over the past couple of reality seasons – starting with Kim (OK), then on to Khole and Kourtney (WOW) take Miami. Kim has been banging Reggie Bush, running back of the New Orleans Saints, for quite some time. In all actuality, she got famous for a sex tape w/ Ray-J. LETZ BYONEST. Kourtney, the hottest one of the sisters, got pregnant w/ her long time “retarded” boyfriend, Scott. It’s kinda difficult to have a show about being single in Miami when you have a baby and shit.. LMAO. Well apparently now Ryan Seacrest and company decided to fit the bill for a million dollar wedding for the last Kardashian, Khloe.  It had to be done on Sunday Sept 27th or it wouldn’t be a go. (prob has to do with scheduling for the new season…)

The prenuptial agreement is causing problems for both of the camps – LAMAR and KHOLE’s lawyers could not come to an agreement before the wedding so technically the wedding is fake, until the papers are signed.  My question is, “is the whole thing fake?OF “FUCKIN” COURSE IT IS. I have to hand it to Seacrest and company.  Pay for the wedding this starts the new “reality” series – Lamar and Khole and their new FAKE relationship and marriage together. cant let the Kardashians go yet…

LETZ BYONEST people. They’ve  known each other for like 3 days or some shit and they are getting married? I’m all about love @ 1st sight, but we all know Khloe hates EVERYONE. Falling in love in a one month period for her is like Hitler liking Jewish people. I’m just sayin’. Not only that, but why the fuck would Lamar Odom marry Khloe Kardashian? I don’t know. Maybe it is “real” love. Maybe he bent her over one time, beat her cakes down and they fell blissfully in love. Maybe he dunked his dunkin stick in her “inbox” and they haven’t been the same since. RIGHT!!!

I wish them both well. They know America and the rest of the World is waiting for this BLOOPER and PRACTICAL JOKE to end abruptly, TOMORROW. No one in the UNIVERSE (including Seacrest, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Bruce, Kris and the rest of those retards) believes this wedding is going to last. I give them fools until Christmas before they begging for an annulment, divorce separation and termination of contract. Good luck, Love Birds. I wonder what they are doing “RIGHT NOW.” This new “non-reality” reality show “Khloe and Lamar” Get Married is going to be HIGH-LARIOUS.. ALL HELL!!

ANONYMOUZ n CRACK (The Invazion Staff)


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UPDATE (10/04/09)

Peeping Toms taking pictures and video taping Erin Andrews… IT’S NOT OK. I MEAN, I would love to see naked photos of Erin Andrews, but not like that. Put him in jail throw awak the key. Just make sure u release those photos and videos prior to throwing away the key.

UPDATE (9/28/09)

Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13yr old girl while using Quaaludes, such a hanus and anus crime that he  admitted to and then flees the country for 30 yrs…  ITZ NOT OK!!!

UPDATE (9/25/09)

I hate to start the article off with such a big “sheBANG”, BUT… INCEST… IT’Z NOT OK. The news and damn near every talk show this week has been about incestuous relationships between fathers and their daughters. Look, people. IT’Z NOT OK. It’s gross, it’s illegal and it’s f*cking nasty. This article is based on multiple things that we consider NOT OK! LET’Z GO…


We interrupt our normal blogging experience to bring you a brief installment we like to call “IT’Z NOT OK”. We here at the B.YONEST INVAZION are rather opinionated individuals who utilize the Internet Vessel to deliver honest, outspoken and up to date newz. Whether we offend you, belittle you or discriminate against you isn’t the issue. The issue is the fact that most of you a*sholes don’t know what is and isn’t OK. SO, we’re going to fill you in INVAZION STYLE.. READY, LET’Z GO!!

Every now and then, we come across a story like Casey Anthony murdering her own daughter and burying her and think “GEESH, IT’Z NOT OK.” What would be okay would be to cut her fingers, toes, nose and ears off and leave her in the wilderness to be eaten by animals. “IT’Z NOT OK.” We see that Lindsay Lohan was in rehab again or hear jewelry she STOLE, I mean MISPLACED disappeared and we wonder “DID SHE BUY CRACK W/ HER LOANED JEWELRY…” IT’Z NOT OK. Would I still bang her brains out.. OF COURSE and maybe that’s NOT O.K.ITNOTOK

Basically people, IT’Z NOT OK. Pay attention for the aliens and retards of the world. I don’t mean the mentally challenged or the physically enable. Those are legitimate issues and “disabilities” I respect and would never (yes I would) discuss. I mean the retardz. A retard is a person who acts dumb as s*it when they know better of have the mental capabilities to know right from wrong. There’s TONS and TONS of “retards” roaming the f*cking Earth and IT’Z NOT O.K. Wake up and smell the coffee. Take time to watch the sunset. LISTEN to a f*ckin’ song. Don’t just turn it on as background noise, RETARDS. IT’Z NOT OK. LISTEN to the effin music. May change your day.

I don’t know. I tend to ramble sometimes and that again may not BE OK, but there’s a lot of weird shit among us. Most of you are thinking it, but don’t have the balls to say IT’S NOT O.K. to someone else. If you see someone wearing a f*cked up outfit in the club, WALK UP TO THEM and say “IT’S NOT O.K.” I’ve done it. I SWEAR.! It may prevent THEM from making a terrible ass of themselves in the future. I’m only here to help people like “Kanye West” said on The Jay Leno Show (when he said he was going to go on a break to mourn the loss of his mother THEN announced the next day he was going on tour w/ Lady Gaga.) You know what?? Kanye West “is NOT OK.

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Melanie Fiona Singer Remix Contest – LETZBYONEST, B.YONEST should WIN

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For some strange reason B.YONEST’s submission

for the REMIX CONTEST keeps getting denied????

There are still 3 days until contest is over – we’ll see…

Below is the REMIX – ITZ HOT!!!

itkillzme copy

It is for Melanie Fiona’s new song “IT KILLS ME”

Picture 17

B.YONEST NEWZ.. The job market is a “MONSTER”

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. “If you have a dream and/or goal, get it NOW.”

logoletzb2As the situation(s) of jobs (well the lack there of) in the United States of America continues to worsen and the cost of our dollar drops by the second, a vast amount of American “middle class” individuals are finding themselves searching for existence. Waking up in the morning unsure if your cubicle is going to continue to have your name plate has an extravagant amount of people in the ultimate “Zombie Mode.”

monstercomBanks are losing money on foreclosures, companies are going out of business because they can’t afford their loans, no one is shopping, malls, stores and shops are shutting their doors as we speak and the spiral is growing more and more rapid. I have a great friend who works for Monster (the job placement site.) I refuse to use their name because it’s unimportant. The fact(s) are this. They see the market on a daily basis. They realize that job placement has dropped almost 85 percent in the last two years. Sometimes, they fear they may not have a job themselves. Tell me how the market got SO BAD, the people who PLACE U.S. in jobs are LOSING THEIR JOBS. Unacceptable!

More adults are moving home with their parents, again. Wives are working two and three jobs to support families. Is it more difficult for men to get jobs? I believe so. Men aren’t hired to be Administrative Assistants. Men aren’t hired for promotional positions (as much). In a market where every person is clawing, fighting and improving their resumes (for the same jobs), many, many people are left to wait and hope.  The Democrats and Republicans seem to have no agreements on any issues; let alone the American People. It’s one of those situations that is going to continue to worsen before we see greater moments.


“When one door closes another door opens itself. It’s your job to notice, pay attention and walk through the door.”

Wall StreetLook people. Whatever job, opportunity and position you are currently chasing is the ultimate “crap shoot.” There are no guarantees in the Job Market EVER. Today and in the upcoming future is going to be no different. I SAY, choose YOUR future. Create YOUR path and wait for NO ONE to plant your creative concept. There’s something you desire to do. There’s a goal and/or aspiration you wish you could attain. WELL, ATTAIN IT! Achieve it, Dream it and more importantly. B. IT!!

“No risk, No reward” is an script tattooed on a friend of mines’ shoulder. Although it’s only four simple words, it expresses such a deep and well stated TRUTH. NO RISK. NO REWARD. Please do not allow yourselves to fall victim to the Rat Race anymore. Instead of attempting to work as a Brand Ambassador, create YOUR OWN ring of Brand Ambassador(s). Instead of spending your every minute teaching in a class room, expand your BRAND and become a Principal, Public Speaker, Coach, Etc…

Take this entry for what you will. I mean at the end of the day, I’m a lyricist who spends every waking minute (and most sleep moments as well) chasing, dreaming, following and attaining the ultimate goal of SELLING OUT NATIONWIDE ARENA. I accidentally spent a moment last night on the Stage @ Schottenstein Arena. Kings of Leon performed there and my good friend, Jake (the head of Security for Kings of Leon), brought me in the Stadium, walked me on stage and said “this is your future, homie.” I didn’t see that happening (last night), but I DEFINITELY visualize it so often, it’s INEVITABLE.

Quick summary of something i like to call INEVITABLE DESTINY! Believe you can do whatever you want (because you can), act as it you do it EVERYDAY (because you do) and put yourself in the correct places/spots to attain PERFECTION (and you will). GOOD LUCK TO YOU on your choices and aspirations, people. Stop waiting for the Job Market. Create YOUR job market. ALL HAIL.


“it’s time for me to go and see the world so my eyes can stretch.-B.YONEST


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B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ.. Stabbing in a High School

Todd R. Henry did not imagine his life would end this way. He couldn’t have thought being a teacher would be the end of his existence. Today Mr. Henry was stabbed and killed @ John Tyler High School in Tyler, Texas. Henry was stabbed in the neck by a juvenile student this morning around 9am.

Students began leaving with their parents around 10:45 this morning, the school was placed on lock-down and many lives have been extremely changed and effected for years to come.

There hasn’t been much more released on the situation thus far. The other schools in the District remain open. Below is a statement by the Tyler IDS (Independent School District.) ALL HAIL.


“The Tyler Independent School District is planning a press conference this afternoon outside the Administration Building, located at 1319 New Sunnybrook Drive. The time has not been determined.

At this time, the focus of the campus and district administration is dismissing students at the campus and meeting with the faculty and staff at John Tyler High School.

Ron Vickery, Tyler ISD School Board President, is calling a special meeting of the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees to occur on or about 3:00 p.m. at the Tyler ISD Administration Building. Pursuant to Section 551.045 of the Texas Open Meetings Act, this meeting will be an emergency executive session regarding the reasonably unforeseen situation occurring today at John Tyler High School, concerning public safety, school security, and personnel.”

B.YONEST NEWZ.. Mackenzie Phillips “I had sex with my dad..”

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“There was a consensual relationship between my sister and my father and I’ve known for twelve years,” Chynna Phillips said on Oprah today. The story goes on, apparently. Chynna spoke directly, honestly and openly, but she did say she knew and appreciated her sister for coming out and telling “her truth.”

“The worse of the worse can still be the best people to be around,” Phillips said. This is an unbelievable story that makes me hope everyone gets the love they need here. The Phillips’ mother, Michelle, doesn’t believe (or doesn’t WANT to believe) Mackenzie is telling the truth. She’s actually called her step-daughter a “liar.” I don’t know why a person would make this madness up, but what do I know. More to come soon..


Page 108.. “I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my father. Was it the first time. I don’t know. It was the first time I remember. Your father is supposed to protect you. NOT f*ck you. I fell into a black out.”

Mackenzie Phillips started the Oprah Interview just like that today. It didn’t happened every day. It didn’t happened every week. It did happened often, she described. She explained blocking it out and moving on from it. What a crazy spectacle. From 18 to 29 years old this madness continued, Phillips explained.  Phillips also admitted it became a “consentual” affair.

Phillips told Oprah her father shot her up with cocaine the first time she tried it. He missed her vein, but the second time he walked her through it. He was rolling joints for her father at the age of 10 and by her early 20’s they were having sex regularly.

She became pregnant and did not know whether the baby was her fathers or her boyfriends at the time. She had an abortion, her father paid for the abortion and they never touched one another again. We all wondered how the relationship ended. The crazy thing is I wonder (still) how it started. Chynna Phillips, Mackenzie’s sister and singer in the group Wilson-Phillips, is supportive of her sisters book and speaking of her truth.

Oprah surprised Mackenzie with a special guest Valerie Bertinelli. She claimed to have done drugs with Phillips at a younger age, but the friendship, sisterhood and love between eachother was prevalent. The story of incest isn’t the most important as the SURVIVAL story Phillips displayed. Anyone who would call her a liar for telling this story needs to be b*tch slapped. Much love Mackenzie. Good luck.

B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ. Consentual Sex w/ her father?

The words to describe the way I feel writing this article behoove me. Basically, Mackenzie Phillips, childhood star actress, wrote a tell all novel including information on her “Incestuous” relationship w/ her father (Jon Phillips; musician in the band The Mamas and Papas) that covered a ten year time span. The Novel “High On Arrival” hits the stores and shelves today. Phillips spills all the goods from her drug addiction to arrests and finally the 1st time she “remembers” having sex with her father, Jon. She lost her job on “One Day at A Time” due to drugs and she checked into rehab with her father. Apparently, this is when the “relationship” became consentual. (WHY DO CELEBRITIES FEEL SO ALONE.. HERE.)

The Mackenzie Phillips story will unfold more on The Oprah Winfrey Show today @ 4pm on CBS Channel 10. Tune in for more. #HOLLAWONIMO