College Gameday. Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and the Home Depot team are back. It’s September 4th, the summer is damn near over (and so is baseball) and COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK..

The season starts off tonight with Boise State hosting Oregon. Last year Oregon lost to Boise State and they are looking to avenge the loss. On the flip side of things, Boise State is on their way to a phenomenal season. If they defeat the Oregon Ducks, they face the opportunity to have an undefeated season. Will they make the BCS National Championship “IF” they find a way to go undefeated. ABBZOLUTELY NOT.

This season has the Florida Gators receiving 58 of the 60 first place votes. They are a sure favorite to participate in the National Championship Game (hosted in Pasadena, Ca) but there’s like 22 teams who believe they are going to a game that two teams actually make. Texas returns Colt McCoy, Oklahoma returns Sam Bradford, Ohio State has Terrell Pryor and Alabama is STACKED. USC has a freshman quarterback, but they’re picked to start right where they left off.

In a day where one loss can mean the difference between the National Championship and playing for the Blockbuster Box Bowl, EVERY GAME stands for something. That’s why “college football” is so exciting. The lights go on in less than three hours and Football is B.A.C.K. I hope you are all as excited as I am about this venture. DID I MENTION College Football is B.A.C.K?? #HOLLAWONIMO



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