Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount is officially suspended for the season (his senior season) after punching a Boise State player after the game Thursday Night. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Is the suspension warranted? Did the Boise State player deserve it? WELL, here comes B.YONESTs’ opinion.

Blount was walking off the field after the game. He was completely minding his own business, leaving the field and a player (Bryan Hout) ran up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said something “taunting.” Blount responded the same way that 85 percent of individuals would. He punched Blount right in his face. GOOD WORK, BLOUNT. Where I’m from we’re basically “taught” to do EXACTLY THAT. Come on, people.

I’m not one for fighting, beating people up and such, but when someone invaded my private place, my bubble (if you will) and taunts me AFTER they just beat me in a game/sport they may catch a fist to the nostril. Suspended for the season, though?? I mean I respect all team decisions, but look @ the big picture. Is LeGarrette a bad kid? Is he known for being a trouble maker OR did he let his emotions get the best of him? I understand that.

Apparently LeGarrette took off for the stands and chased down a fan. I don’t know the facts behind that statement. If true, Blount definitely deserves a “serious” suspension. If not, suspend the man for 1/2 the season, let him enjoy a game or two in his senior year and send him on his way. One thing I KNOW for sure is next time Bryan Hout wants to taunt a player, he’ll probably pick someone else. I think what Hout did is just as bad as Blount’s reaction. Blount didn’t come the stadium looking for trouble. He definitely was looking to fight Hout that night. Hout completely started the altercation by “going out of his way” to antagonize Blount. As I said before, would you have done anything differently? Something to consider, right? ALL HAIL!



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