Who really gives a shit is the exact same thing I’m thinking as I type this. Demi Moore is at kahoots w/ Perez Hilton (the gay gossip columnist dude) for posting photos of her daughter Tallulah Willis. Demi claimed Hilton was attempting to exploit her daughter and the photos were child pornography. UH OH, you probably don’t want B.YONESTs’ opinion on this one.

Number one, any female who is a product of Demi Moore.. I want to see pornography photos of her. Yes, she may be under the legal age of nude photos (so I’ll wait), but we ALL know they’re cumming. Eventually, Tallulah will exploit her own “lulah” to the world and we can enjoy it enthusiastically.

Number two, we all know Demi Moore has a hint of crazy in her genes. She’s know to fly off the deep handle and personally I don’t give a shit if she kicks Perez Hiltons’ face in. Imagine the “chick fight” between Perez Hilton and Demi Moore. I think Demi would kick his ass. Imagine the Punk’d episode Ashton Kutcher is planning for Perez Hilton now.

I’d give you a Part 3, but there isn’t one. Again, no one cares enough about this topic to make it that big of a deal. Perez Hilton will continue to be the man loving, gossip queen he is. Demi will continue to be the hottest milf in HOLLYWOOD. She will continue to have sex w/ Ashton (and maybe Bruce), she’ll continue to grace red carpets every now and again and life will move on. STAY SEXXY, DEMI..



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