Happy Labor Day everyone.

May this day for you be as lazy as the last. May your stomachs be full, may your brains be eerrffed and may you be satisfied. I hope this years’ Labor Day is better, more enjoyable and less stressful than last year for you ALL. Personally, Labor Day is an excuse for me to wake up late, chief all day long and feel like a “normal” person. NO raps, no beats to download, no songs to write and twitter.  Somehow (like every other Labor Day) I find myself doing that ALL anyway! HAPPY LABOR DAY…

What does Labor Day mean? The pools are “officially” closing down. Major League Baseball season is to the point where the players actually give a shit about the games. COLLEGE FOOTBALL is back every Saturday. Labor Day means we get to eat ribs, watermelon, bratwursts and apple pie. Labor Day means that most of you corporate America weirdos have a 4 day work week. Labor Day just might be the coolest holiday reason to do ABBZOLUTELY NOTHING.



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