7 Fest will be the seventh installment of the premier college campus outdoor music festival in Athens, Ohio.  Since 2004, THE FEST, has grown exponentially since year 1, has become a tradition across campuses statewide.

We will provide you with up to date information as it is provided from the event directors…


If you are interested in Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities:

Please e-mail the Event Director Dominic Petrozzi @ depetrozzi@gmail.com for additional details.


6 Responses to “7 FEST INFORMATION – Athens, Ohio”


  2. then pay for him to come.. LMAO.. Just kidding… we’ll see!!

  3. we want Tropidelic

  4. just saying lil wayne would be cool…i know thats kind of a big name but would be really cool. seasons after would also be an amazing band to have there. but I cant wait for jesty! Chevelle would be awsome aswell or even Eve 6 i know Eve 6 isnt super popular anymore and maybe we could swing them for a show!

  5. Mount Carmel a great rock band

  6. John. We don’t know much about Mount Carmel. Are you requesting them for 7 Fest. make sure to visit http;//www.byonestinvazion.com

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