B.YONEST NEWZ: Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift after VMA disruption

After taking the limelight from Taylor Swift last evening at the VMA’s…Kanye West issues an apology statement on his blog (that was quickly taken down???).




Picture 21


(CLICK HERE to see text of INTERIVEW)


Word has it that Kanye apologized for a 4th time by phone to Taylor Swift directly by calling her after watching her interview on “THE VIEW”

Does this make it OK???  Was the whole thing staged or did Beyonce have that much class to bring the incident full circle by doing damage control???

Swift meanwhile suggested to People.com that West had ruined her moment.

“I was standing on stage and I was really excited because I’d just won the award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage,” she said. “And then I wasn’t excited anymore after that.”

Picture 17Picture 18

DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???  click here…

Here is an AMAZING REMIX of “Knock You Down” that we took Kanye off of…

have you hrd it??? (you can download by clicking down arrow on right)


20 Responses to “B.YONEST NEWZ: Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift after VMA disruption”

  1. fannofmusic Says:

    Kanye is a peace is a loser and any other descriptive word that best fits him.
    What is going on with african american performers lately, first it was that big mouth jamie foxx and his statement about black americans only lent michael j to everyone else who isn’t black, then serena @ the tennis, now this douche bag.
    Maybe the limelight is going to their heads. Plenty of great black americans to look up too and admire, and he isn’t one of them.

    Good job Taylor swift for all your achievements.

  2. You SUCK! I hate your music and I forbid my family to buy or listen to it! How Dare You!!!!! Sorry Asswipe! You don’t deserve to win ANYTHING!

  3. I agree that there are much better black role models that should get the attention. Not these losers.

  4. Kanye sucks. All his songs are horrible and never make any sense. And ya know what, good for you that you think Beyonce’s video was the best, that doesn’t mean you have to take away someone else’s moment. Beyonce lost, end of story. She sucks anyway. Atleast Taylor swift writes her own songs. Not everyone is a fan of people shaking their fat legs around and barely wearing any clothes. Kanye, shut up and get a life. It’s al out of jealousy. I don’t even recall you winning any awards.

  5. Kanye……. You are trash and now the whole world knows it….hope you had fun you little maggot!!!!!

  6. I have enjoyed Kanye mostly because he overcame some tragic situations in the past. It added to his character and somehow gave him a “pass” on some of his outbursts. Now, I feel sorry for him and his behavior at the VMAs sickens my stomach. I can’t even watch it anymore. It is a gross display of sheer disrespect toward another human being.
    Kanye screwed himself on this one and basically killed his own credibility. No apology will take that away. What makes it worse is that Taylor is really talented, somewhat timid, and peaceful. I heard that Kanye was an ass, but this puts him in a whole new category.
    In closing, what’s with the “god” complex, Kanye. Do you actually believe that the air you breath is that much better than anyone elses? You disrespected everyone who showed you love and supported you, homie? Hip-Hop/Rap is a game of bravado and bragging rights, but is also about giving respect where it’s due. You seem to have forgotten that somewhere along the way.

  7. This apology means nothing, because he dosen’t mean it…Beyonces video was NOT video of the decade, and obviously not even the best female video either. Kanye is trying to save his ass and not loss fans, but it is obvious he does not care one bit about the fact that he RUINED Taylor’s first ever VMA. Kanye, you selfish, egotistical, inconsiderate ASS, you upstaged and belittle and hurt a 17 year old girl, does that make you feel like a good man? to bad your momma didn’t teach you any manners!!!! you should be ashamed of yourself. real pop culture is anything that is popular(thus the “pop”) and Taylor swift is right now…do us all a favor and fall off the face of the planet.

  8. Jenny from KC Says:

    Kanye is such a spoiled little brat! What he doesn’t get he makes everyone else feel like shit because of it. I don’t know if he’s an only child, but he has the classic “only child syndrome” of “give it, it’s mine”.

    What a complete asshole! And I hope this hits him where it hurts, in his ghetto wallet!

  9. you just validated my reasoning for thinking you are a fucking douche bag. what really sucks is that you are a talented individual but the way you carry yourself as an artist is sad. you aren’t the new “it.” you won’t be legendary for your work when you think you’re better than others. you’re no slick rick, you’re no NAS, you’re definitely no Jay-Z. i lost all respect for you. its sad than when songs feature you… as soon as its your verse, i change the station. Congratulations on losing millions of fans.

  10. I think Kanye is a talented artist but he seems overly confused and it overflows in his music. I still like him as an artist but I am utterly disappointed in his behavior. No human being should be as rude as he was last night. I strongly believe in “If you have nothing good to say,say nothing at all”. We all are entitled to our opinions but we should be more considerate of the damage our opinions cause on others. Kanye, what you did was really repulsive and I’m sorry but you should have kept that one to yourself or wait to say something to your friends after about how you felt. Beyonce may have deserved that award and she is great at what she does,but all artists deserve recognition because all artists have something different to bring to the audience. Taylor Swift seems very lovely and full of grace and she carried herself very well. If the people found that she deserved the award, then they were entitled to nominating her as they have the freedom of choice. God bless you Kanye because you really need to pray through whatever it is that’s causing you to act out like that.

  11. You know…I’ve enjoyed his music and really enjoyed going to his concert, but not anymore. He totally took away a 17 yr old’s limelight, a milestone in her success…a night she is going to remember….and now she’ll remember it this way. Good job, Kanye. You took a gamble…. and though people are talking about you like crazy…which you think will give you publicity….the talk will die down, and the fans will now think twice, before they spend money to see someone brag, complain or cry.

  12. One major reason why this is not a true and sincere apology is the “I’m sorry BUT…” part. There is a time and place for the statement he made at the VMAs, during her acceptance speech on stage was neither the time, nor the place. He could have easily added to his retarded all CAPS blog saying “Beyonce should have won, but good job anyway Taylor.” Instead he chooses to again (President Bush hates black people, anyone) to spout off with his retarded BS in front of MILLIONS of people and take away from what someone is entirely deserving of.

    This is not an issue of who deserved what. Taylor had the majority and Beyonce didn’t. Some idiot running up on stage is not going to change that. I’m interested to see what’s being said on his blog.

  13. I heard Kayne west complained that he had to many fans…. this has definitely solved his problem.
    I also gave a pass on his actions in the past…but this time, it was just out of order. Why didn’t he just let Taylor have her moment? She’s a new artist who worked hard to get to the top and its great people are giving her a chance to win an award! Beyonce’s award cabinet is probably full anyway 😉

  14. real music isant on mtv Says:

    you are full of shit that cuce was fucked up and waisted and against better judgement keep it real talor really aint shit i’m mean only white kids listen to her every one listens to B so how could she win i thing he was right but did it wrong………. bitches

  15. Worst part is, Beyonce won the Video of the Year Award, Which is a higher award then best female video, because she won’t best overall video of the year… So Kanye you went on stage and ruined taylors moment for no reason! Get a life!

  16. @real music isant on mtv

    1. You have TERRIBLE grammar and spelling.
    2. Saying only white kids listen to Taylor is about ass ignorant and racist as they come.

    It does not matter how many people listen to who. Taylor won the vote, her video (in my opinion) was so much better than 3 girls in black swimsuits dancing against a white backdrop, and Kanye was the retard he always is.

  17. @real music isant on mtv

    1. You have TERRIBLE grammar and spelling.
    2. Saying only white kids listen to Taylor is about as ignorant and racist as they come.

    It does not matter how many people listen to who. Taylor won the vote, her video (in my opinion) was so much better than 3 girls in black swimsuits dancing against a white backdrop, and Kanye was the retard he always is.

  18. Get your Kanye Is A Douche Tshirt or Kanye is a Jackass Shirt now Ha Ha

  19. […] read about previous 3 apologies (CLICK HERE) and the event that had everyone in America […]

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