logoletzb2They travel all over the World. Millions and Millions of adoring fans at their feet. Every city they visit, they have sell-out shows and they contain an Entourage that consists of up to 40 people at times. Their lifestyle and opportunities are those that we “normal people” only dream to attain. Limousine service, red carpet entrances, gourmet meals and the most beautiful friends, PERIOD. So answer me this.. WHY do Celebrities feel so lonely? Why do they resort to closing themselves in behind walls, drug addiction and depression? I don’t mean EVERY celebrity, but LETZ BYONEST… Celebrities have their moments and a great deal of them fell victim to the FAME or are extremely JACKED UP!

I speak from experience when I say chasing this DREAM can be an extensively lonely journey. You feel like you are letting so many people down as you know you’re doing the right things. Fighting with your friends and family and families friends for them to understand the angst, desire and determination it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of Celebrity Status. Angry every second as you watch the Tila Tequilas’ and the Octumoms’ of the World making BANK because of some tish bull fantasy world. I understand the annoyances and irritations.

It’s extremely lonely sometimes. Imagine walking on stage, presenting the SHOW of a lifetime, the FANS going CRAZY and none of them remembering you when you walked off stage. Walking back to your car you realize that you’re driving home alone again. NO friends to ride with. You came to the show by yourself as well. This is a SERIOUS thing that happens. You’re a star when you on stage. When you walk off stage, you’re one of “them.”


The celebrities get thrown into a microscopic spotlight and every move is watched w/ a sharp eye. Rehab Centers can’t hold enough reservations to help, fix or monitor these people. They have to resort to drug induced lifestyles. Shit! They make movies, records and commercials people critique. One second, you’re the most incredible thing in the Universe and the VERY next day, you’re a whore! Fair? Probably NOT. It’s part of the pie, though. If you want the accolades of fame, the disrespect and injustice…. Well, that’s just other half of the pie “if you wil.

They (the celebrity) find themselves part of a small amount of people. They no longer are a “normal” person. Ask Jon Gosseliin. He doesn’t HATE the lifestyle, but he definitely has his days where he’d rather NOT have cameras around. Remember when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were happily married? Now Jessica Simpson FEELS ALONE. It’s AMAZING! They spend countless hours in hotel rooms, ALONE, in airplanes, ALONE and it must drive them crazy.


I write record after record. Blog after blog and story after story waiting for my “break” into Celebrity Status. I find myself wondering if ALL THE THINGS I’ve asked for my whole LIFE are worth it. The only answer I’ve been able to come up with thus far is…. FUCK YEAH! I may be thrown into a rehab center myself one day. I have my issues, but know that I work extremely hard to present a side of B.YONEST that people will grow to love.  I want all of you to know and understand how hard I work to chase this “lifestyle” of Celebrity. For some reason, the red carpet flashing lights, HOLLYWOOD billboard fantasy is perfect for ME. I hope this isn’t taken out of context. I’m fine people! I am!  This blog is infact, B.YONEST INVAZION and I want you to know and understand all the emotions, feelings and expressions that make me the person I am. #HOLLAWONIMO and with love!!


Sidenote.. Respect and love to all of those who let the Celebrity Lifestyle be too much for them. Let’s just think how great life would still be if we has River Phoenix, Curt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Dj AM, Chris Farley, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith (this list is BANANAZ), Marilyn Monroe, etc. That is an extensive amount of people who were effected by the Celebrity. The list goes on and on (Charlie Sheen.. LMAO..) #HOLLAWONIMO!


4 Responses to “B.YONEST NEWZ.. Why do CELEBS feel so ALONE?”

  1. Lifestyle Center Says:

    Remember being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

  2. This was a super entry. I looked at it from what & how it was written,& my luv I would give u an A+. URawinner!!!

  3. wow, thanks mommy… i didn’t know u read the blog entries.. i love you too baby girl!!

  4. […] The words to describe the way I feel writing this article behoove me. Basically, McKenzie Phillips, childhood star actress, wrote a tell all novel including information on her “Incestuous” relationship w/ her father (Jon Phillips; musician in the band The Mamas and Papas) that covered a ten year time span. The Novel “High On Arrival” hits the stores and shelves today. Phillips spills all the goods from her drug addiction to arrests and finally the 1st time she “remembers” having sex with her father, Jon. She lost her job on “One Day at A Time” due to drugs and she checked into rehab with her father. Apparently, this is when the “relationship” became consentual. (WHY DO CELEBRITIES FEEL SO ALONE.. HERE.) […]

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