ALL the questions have been answered. No more speculation! Floyd “Money” Mayweather IS the best pound for pound fighter, ever. Homie’s so fast. I’ve never watched a man punch somebody, duck under a punch HE SEEMED TO KNOW WAS COMING and punch him again.. and AGAIN.. and AGAIN and AGAIN. Juan Manuel Marquez had no idea how to counter, balance or attack Mayweather.

I was at a friends house taking in the fight while sipping on an alcoholic beverage called “Apple Pie.” Shit was amazing. I knew after seeing Mayweather win the first three rounds EASILY, it was over. Marquez was throwing an extensive amount of punches and landing NONE. 4 for 54 in some rounds while Mayweather was landing 18 for 32 WHENEVER he felt like it. For 12 rounds straight (ALL WON BY MAYWEATHER), Marquez was a punching bag. It seemed like Mayweather was sparring. My question is this… What did he retire for and when does he battle Sugar Shane Mosley?? Just wondering. ALL HAIL!!


Sidenote: Marquez actually sipped his own urine and thought it would give him an edge in beating Mayweather. This tells me HE’S A FUCKIN IDIOT.. Drinkin your own piss will get you beat up for 12 round straight.. #HOLLAWONIMO!



  1. […] Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Enough Said. 40-0. Never lost a fight. Not even close. The man came out of retirement (hasn’t fought since 2007) and won EVERY round Saturday night in Las Vegas. He looked like he went sparring practice, took a shower and hit the club. I’ve never seen speed like this in my life. It was “Matrix Reloaded” type sh*t. Well done, “Money.”  (click his name to read MORE.) […]

  2. Wish I could have seen this fight, but I knew Mayweather had it in the bag. Drinking your own pee? That’s a sign that you’re not all right up there. HA! Go Money!!

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