What a messed up day in the World. I find it ridiculous that you can literally go to prison for shooting yourself. I know I know. He had an illegal firearm and that’s the real reason he’s faced with two years of imprisonment, but Plaxico Burress shot HIMSELF. He didn’t shoot an animal, he didn’t kill a person, he didn’t run a human being over in a vehicle (like Dante Stallworth) and he’s going to PRISON for two years. That’s after taking a plea deal. How f*cking ridiculous is that.

George W. Bush should be in PRISON with the rest of the SCANDALous ass Politicians and Company Owners. Dante Stallworth should be in PRISON for a while for “accidentally” running a man over. I understand second chances and accidents, BUT THE NEGRO killed a person. Lock him up for a lil while. Lil Kim DID NOT DESERVE PRISON. Martha Stewart DID NOT DESERVE PRISON. Plaxico Burress deserves some type of penalty, but PRISON? Ray Lewis DID NOT go to Prison and we’re pretty sure his hands have gotten dirty (a few times.)

Plaxico made a mistake. None of us know the pressure or lifestyle Plaxico lead or leads. If Jam Master Jay can be shot and killed at a studio in New York City, I’m pretty sure Plaxico can catch a stray bullet at any time. Death threats and such happen to Superstars, everyday. We don’t know the “behind the scenes” things going on in Plax’s life. Not even saying he does bad things. Sean Taylor, for instance, was murdered at his own home by people breaking into his own property. Something to think about. STOP continuing to make EXAMPLES out of our Athletes. First, learn the reasons and attempt to assist in their rehabilitation BEFORE throwing them in a building with murderers, rapists and molestors. Just a thought. ALL HAIL..


Sidenote: Good luck, Plax. We know you are going through it right now. Utilize this 20 month period to visualize your life “AFTER” Prison. Learn from it and come out a better man. That’s all you can do, homie.. RESPECT..


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