B.YONEST NEWZ.. Mackenzie Phillips “I had sex with my dad..”


“There was a consensual relationship between my sister and my father and I’ve known for twelve years,” Chynna Phillips said on Oprah today. The story goes on, apparently. Chynna spoke directly, honestly and openly, but she did say she knew and appreciated her sister for coming out and telling “her truth.”

“The worse of the worse can still be the best people to be around,” Phillips said. This is an unbelievable story that makes me hope everyone gets the love they need here. The Phillips’ mother, Michelle, doesn’t believe (or doesn’t WANT to believe) Mackenzie is telling the truth. She’s actually called her step-daughter a “liar.” I don’t know why a person would make this madness up, but what do I know. More to come soon..


Page 108.. “I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my father. Was it the first time. I don’t know. It was the first time I remember. Your father is supposed to protect you. NOT f*ck you. I fell into a black out.”

Mackenzie Phillips started the Oprah Interview just like that today. It didn’t happened every day. It didn’t happened every week. It did happened often, she described. She explained blocking it out and moving on from it. What a crazy spectacle. From 18 to 29 years old this madness continued, Phillips explained.  Phillips also admitted it became a “consentual” affair.

Phillips told Oprah her father shot her up with cocaine the first time she tried it. He missed her vein, but the second time he walked her through it. He was rolling joints for her father at the age of 10 and by her early 20’s they were having sex regularly.

She became pregnant and did not know whether the baby was her fathers or her boyfriends at the time. She had an abortion, her father paid for the abortion and they never touched one another again. We all wondered how the relationship ended. The crazy thing is I wonder (still) how it started. Chynna Phillips, Mackenzie’s sister and singer in the group Wilson-Phillips, is supportive of her sisters book and speaking of her truth.

Oprah surprised Mackenzie with a special guest Valerie Bertinelli. She claimed to have done drugs with Phillips at a younger age, but the friendship, sisterhood and love between eachother was prevalent. The story of incest isn’t the most important as the SURVIVAL story Phillips displayed. Anyone who would call her a liar for telling this story needs to be b*tch slapped. Much love Mackenzie. Good luck.

B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ. Consentual Sex w/ her father?

The words to describe the way I feel writing this article behoove me. Basically, Mackenzie Phillips, childhood star actress, wrote a tell all novel including information on her “Incestuous” relationship w/ her father (Jon Phillips; musician in the band The Mamas and Papas) that covered a ten year time span. The Novel “High On Arrival” hits the stores and shelves today. Phillips spills all the goods from her drug addiction to arrests and finally the 1st time she “remembers” having sex with her father, Jon. She lost her job on “One Day at A Time” due to drugs and she checked into rehab with her father. Apparently, this is when the “relationship” became consentual. (WHY DO CELEBRITIES FEEL SO ALONE.. HERE.)

The Mackenzie Phillips story will unfold more on The Oprah Winfrey Show today @ 4pm on CBS Channel 10. Tune in for more. #HOLLAWONIMO



5 Responses to “B.YONEST NEWZ.. Mackenzie Phillips “I had sex with my dad..””

  1. I do my best to judge…but thats NOT OK!!! consentual sex with your father??? really?

  2. itz NOT okay, player.. IT’S REALLY NOT..

  3. .That was not really good to hear huh!?. How come? I mean, WHY???

  4. One Day at a Time was a successful drama/sitcom that ran from the late 70s into the early 80s. It starred Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Bertinelli. Ordinarily, no one would really be paying attention to it but it’s making headlines again because it also starred Mackenzie Phillips, who recently went on Oprah to disclose an incestuous relationship with her father. That would be John Phillips, from the Mamas and the Papas and he isn’t even from the South. If it’s true, he’s a pig.

  5. This is really really sad…although I read on a board where a Pysch said it happens more than people are aware of and he counsel on it daily. Today after watching Oprah, and hearing a band member’s daughter did know it, why then did he not intervene for her then back then?

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