B.YONEST NEWZ.. The job market is a “MONSTER”

B.YONEST NEWZ.. “If you have a dream and/or goal, get it NOW.”

logoletzb2As the situation(s) of jobs (well the lack there of) in the United States of America continues to worsen and the cost of our dollar drops by the second, a vast amount of American “middle class” individuals are finding themselves searching for existence. Waking up in the morning unsure if your cubicle is going to continue to have your name plate has an extravagant amount of people in the ultimate “Zombie Mode.”

monstercomBanks are losing money on foreclosures, companies are going out of business because they can’t afford their loans, no one is shopping, malls, stores and shops are shutting their doors as we speak and the spiral is growing more and more rapid. I have a great friend who works for Monster (the job placement site.) I refuse to use their name because it’s unimportant. The fact(s) are this. They see the market on a daily basis. They realize that job placement has dropped almost 85 percent in the last two years. Sometimes, they fear they may not have a job themselves. Tell me how the market got SO BAD, the people who PLACE U.S. in jobs are LOSING THEIR JOBS. Unacceptable!

More adults are moving home with their parents, again. Wives are working two and three jobs to support families. Is it more difficult for men to get jobs? I believe so. Men aren’t hired to be Administrative Assistants. Men aren’t hired for promotional positions (as much). In a market where every person is clawing, fighting and improving their resumes (for the same jobs), many, many people are left to wait and hope.  The Democrats and Republicans seem to have no agreements on any issues; let alone the American People. It’s one of those situations that is going to continue to worsen before we see greater moments.


“When one door closes another door opens itself. It’s your job to notice, pay attention and walk through the door.”

Wall StreetLook people. Whatever job, opportunity and position you are currently chasing is the ultimate “crap shoot.” There are no guarantees in the Job Market EVER. Today and in the upcoming future is going to be no different. I SAY, choose YOUR future. Create YOUR path and wait for NO ONE to plant your creative concept. There’s something you desire to do. There’s a goal and/or aspiration you wish you could attain. WELL, ATTAIN IT! Achieve it, Dream it and more importantly. B. IT!!

“No risk, No reward” is an script tattooed on a friend of mines’ shoulder. Although it’s only four simple words, it expresses such a deep and well stated TRUTH. NO RISK. NO REWARD. Please do not allow yourselves to fall victim to the Rat Race anymore. Instead of attempting to work as a Brand Ambassador, create YOUR OWN ring of Brand Ambassador(s). Instead of spending your every minute teaching in a class room, expand your BRAND and become a Principal, Public Speaker, Coach, Etc…

Take this entry for what you will. I mean at the end of the day, I’m a lyricist who spends every waking minute (and most sleep moments as well) chasing, dreaming, following and attaining the ultimate goal of SELLING OUT NATIONWIDE ARENA. I accidentally spent a moment last night on the Stage @ Schottenstein Arena. Kings of Leon performed there and my good friend, Jake (the head of Security for Kings of Leon), brought me in the Stadium, walked me on stage and said “this is your future, homie.” I didn’t see that happening (last night), but I DEFINITELY visualize it so often, it’s INEVITABLE.

Quick summary of something i like to call INEVITABLE DESTINY! Believe you can do whatever you want (because you can), act as it you do it EVERYDAY (because you do) and put yourself in the correct places/spots to attain PERFECTION (and you will). GOOD LUCK TO YOU on your choices and aspirations, people. Stop waiting for the Job Market. Create YOUR job market. ALL HAIL.


“it’s time for me to go and see the world so my eyes can stretch.-B.YONEST


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