UPDATE (10/04/09)

Peeping Toms taking pictures and video taping Erin Andrews… IT’S NOT OK. I MEAN, I would love to see naked photos of Erin Andrews, but not like that. Put him in jail throw awak the key. Just make sure u release those photos and videos prior to throwing away the key.

UPDATE (9/28/09)

Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13yr old girl while using Quaaludes, such a hanus and anus crime that he  admitted to and then flees the country for 30 yrs…  ITZ NOT OK!!!

UPDATE (9/25/09)

I hate to start the article off with such a big “sheBANG”, BUT… INCEST… IT’Z NOT OK. The news and damn near every talk show this week has been about incestuous relationships between fathers and their daughters. Look, people. IT’Z NOT OK. It’s gross, it’s illegal and it’s f*cking nasty. This article is based on multiple things that we consider NOT OK! LET’Z GO…


We interrupt our normal blogging experience to bring you a brief installment we like to call “IT’Z NOT OK”. We here at the B.YONEST INVAZION are rather opinionated individuals who utilize the Internet Vessel to deliver honest, outspoken and up to date newz. Whether we offend you, belittle you or discriminate against you isn’t the issue. The issue is the fact that most of you a*sholes don’t know what is and isn’t OK. SO, we’re going to fill you in INVAZION STYLE.. READY, LET’Z GO!!

Every now and then, we come across a story like Casey Anthony murdering her own daughter and burying her and think “GEESH, IT’Z NOT OK.” What would be okay would be to cut her fingers, toes, nose and ears off and leave her in the wilderness to be eaten by animals. “IT’Z NOT OK.” We see that Lindsay Lohan was in rehab again or hear jewelry she STOLE, I mean MISPLACED disappeared and we wonder “DID SHE BUY CRACK W/ HER LOANED JEWELRY…” IT’Z NOT OK. Would I still bang her brains out.. OF COURSE and maybe that’s NOT O.K.ITNOTOK

Basically people, IT’Z NOT OK. Pay attention for the aliens and retards of the world. I don’t mean the mentally challenged or the physically enable. Those are legitimate issues and “disabilities” I respect and would never (yes I would) discuss. I mean the retardz. A retard is a person who acts dumb as s*it when they know better of have the mental capabilities to know right from wrong. There’s TONS and TONS of “retards” roaming the f*cking Earth and IT’Z NOT O.K. Wake up and smell the coffee. Take time to watch the sunset. LISTEN to a f*ckin’ song. Don’t just turn it on as background noise, RETARDS. IT’Z NOT OK. LISTEN to the effin music. May change your day.

I don’t know. I tend to ramble sometimes and that again may not BE OK, but there’s a lot of weird shit among us. Most of you are thinking it, but don’t have the balls to say IT’S NOT O.K. to someone else. If you see someone wearing a f*cked up outfit in the club, WALK UP TO THEM and say “IT’S NOT O.K.” I’ve done it. I SWEAR.! It may prevent THEM from making a terrible ass of themselves in the future. I’m only here to help people like “Kanye West” said on The Jay Leno Show (when he said he was going to go on a break to mourn the loss of his mother THEN announced the next day he was going on tour w/ Lady Gaga.) You know what?? Kanye West “is NOT OK.

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8 Responses to “B.YONEST NEWZ UPDATE: “IT’Z NOT O.K.””

  1. halfpint42592 Says:

    Hah! You and I could definately hang out!! I always feel that I would rather say something to a persons face than behind their back. And telling people if they looked f’d up is only my way of helping them out when they obviously have friends who can’t…. GOOD RANT LOVED IT!

  2. awww, thanks halfpint.. yeah i believe honesty IS THE BEST POLICY.. maybe cuz my name is B.YONEST.. either way, the truth is the SHEEYAT.. IT’S NOT OK to NOT TELL THE TRUTH..

  3. So happy to see that hypocrite D. Letterman get caught forcing his staff to suxx his pudx to keep their job. Now he must apologize to the world and poor Gov. Palin’s little girl. That gap toothed demon should be fired from SEEBS for sexual harrassement.

  4. The whole thing is a joke you are wrong

  5. you are wrong

  6. i dont know exactly what u mean by.. “you are wrong”, but it’s not the 1st time I heard that.. thanks for the comment(s.)

  7. I like it

    I wish someone helped me out by telling me it’z not ok when I obviously am doing something that isn’t

  8. thanks for the comment Dusty. I think someone needs to tell EVERYONE when they’re doing something that IZ NOT OK!!!

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