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B.YONEST NEWZ… Holiday Season means one thing! MORE fatties..

photoLet’s face it, America. We are not getting any more healthy than last year or the year before. It’s highly disappointing, but it’s the fact. Schools are asking children and/or parents NOT to bring “candy” and garbage as snacks during the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season, but they don’t seem to be listening. I took my daughters “Trick-Or-Treating” last night and these photos are the aftermath of 1.5 hours of “Beggars Night” as they call it here in Columbus, Ohio. Beggars Night? Terrible Name!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat’s, Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, Starburst and Whoppers (just to name a few) lined my kitchen table to the point we could’ve had “cannon balled” onto the table and not felt a thing. The girls (my daughters) went to school today and had a party. More candy to bring Home. Tomorrow all we do is sit around and watch football and EAT. Thanksgiving is COMING SOON. WHAT are we going to do. Sit around watch football and EAT. I’m just sayin’ Stay aware, people.

This is the time for sluggish high-bernation. Spend money, act lazy, eat constantly and GET FATTER. Sad, but true. I mean this is B.YONEST NEWZ! Take it how you will, but one thing you can’t do is DENY it. If you stay in denial too long, you’re going to find yourself “fat” as can be wondering why you can’t “squeeze” into your tight jeans next Spring. Don’t be mad @ the messenger. I’m here to help.

halloween_is_for_fat_kids_tshirt-p235023342923897469qzj3_400Watch what you eat. More importantly, watch what you allow your hyper active, uncontrollable, Attention Deficit Disorder, Nyur-Nyur, weird acting children to eat. Candy? Sure, it’s the “holiday season.” Enough Candy for their faces to swell and stay awake for 3 days straight? Probably NOT so much. I mean YOUR kids aren’t my kids, BUT when my daughters are super models in 2018 and your kids weigh 2018 lbs in 2018, don’t wonder why. Take it how you will. Good luck, America.



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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Roc-a-Fella Records.. Man it just aint the same..

Rumor has it, Jay Z got dissed by Beanie Sigel at a concert in Philadelphia. Jadakiss brought Sigel out and Sigel performed a surprise “Feel it In the Air.” Sigel wasn’t done there. He also performed a “remix” to Jay-Z’s intro Track on “Blueprint 3”. Before leaving the stage Sigel shouted…

“Philly, this my city. I Run This Town tonight.” Pun, yes. Diss, NO. I’m sure they have they beefs and/or issues, but Sigel explained he loves Jay Z.

“Don’t get it twisted. Jay is my brother and I got love for that nigga. Don’t start makin diss records on Jay Z,” Sigel exclaimed. “Roc-a-fella for life,” he shouted as his interview ended. LISTEN to “Average Cat” and tell me if he dissin’ Jay Z. Sounds like it to M.E. on this record.. GEEEESH!!!

It’s hard to tell what Sigel meant by his statements. Only he knows. He did say while he was locked up, Jay Z didn’t visit, send a letter or even check on Sigel. That’s not right. True or not. That’s not right. I’ve heard a fair amount of things dealing w/ the lack of loyalty by Jay Z. Time will only tell. Who, in the hip hop game, doesn’t want to see Roc-A-Fella Records again. Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z. There would be no “Young Money” without Roc-a-Fella Records paving the way. Yeah, I said it! ALL HAIL!!



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Big BCongratulations, The B.YONEST INVAZION has officially reached 500 POSTS. We started this Entertainment Blog over a year ago and never imagined 120,000 views and 500 posts the next year. Over the last year we’ve covered every and any issue from Kanye West/Taylor Swift to kidnapping crisis’ and everything in between. We’ve tried diligently to deliver HONEST NEWZ with a twist of irony and sacrasm. The reality is we never imagined 500 posts. The B.YONEST INVAZION staff couldn’t have possibly dreamed 1,000 views/day and 30,000 hits in a month, but WE DID IT. We will continue to bring you NEWZ, ENTERTAINMENT and CELEBRITY GOSSIP as we are becoming entertained ourselves. Thanks for all of YOUR SUPPORT.

We started with an idea. Let’s deliver NEWZ through the eyes of an entertainer. We’ve expanded the B.YONEST BRAND to many extremes consisting of LETZ BYONEST, B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES, B.YONEST MUZIK B.YONEST 4 BABIEZ and many more. Videos, Interviews, Articles, Opinions, Concepts and Growth is what we have focused on. Numbers don’t lie. 500 posts and over 100,000 views in a year. We can’t wait to see what the next year will deliver. Cheers to ANOTHER 500 POSTS. ALL HAIL and #hollawonimo


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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Jay-Z a SMASH HIT in Columbus, Oh (10/28/09)

Picture 46Last night, Jay-Z was supposed to be doing the World Series. the New York Yankees were playing Game 1 against the Philadelphia Phillies in BROOKLYN, NY. Jay-Z has a concert scheduled in Columbus, Ohio and he did NOT let us down. Not only did he do the show, but he stayed and gave us a GREAT ENCORE. We love you HOVA. Below is the pre-show and a snippet of him performing his smash single “RUN THIS TOWN.”

Jay-Z PERFORMED EVERYTHING. Any smash hit u can imagine, he performed. Hard Knock Life, Encore, Big Pimpin, Jigga What, Jigga Who, Diamonds are Forever (acapella)  and many many more.. What surprised me the most was the CROWD. So many young, fresh faces were out to represent. The LEGEND, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. NUFF SAID!! ALL HAIL, “HOVA, HOVA.” Thanks for the great time, Jay-Z.  DOWNLOAD the “RUN this TOWN remix HERE!




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Delonte has been indited by a grand jury and faces 8 counts.  6 becasue of the 3 guns he was carrying with him on  Sept 17th.  He was carrying a 9mm Beretta in West’s waistband, a Ruger .357 Magnum strapped to his leg, and a 12-gauge shotgun in a guitar case slung over his back, authorities said.  He had 112 shotgun shells on him in a backpack with a 8 1/2-inch bowie knife.

If convicted, he could receive three years in prison and a $2,500 fine on each of the six weapons charges. The gun charges include two counts of carrying a dangerous weapon, two counts of carrying a handgun and two counts of transporting a handgun on a roadway.

He is expected to face a court hearing in January or February.



When will Delonte West return to the Cleveland Cavalier line up? That’s the questin everyone is wondering right. Well given his weapons charge, domestic abuse situation and depression juncture, the fact Delonte is on the sidelines is amazing to me. He’s overcome a great deal this summer/fall and the basketball court is probably his scapegoat. Unfortunately, Mike Brown hasn’t given a time deadline on Delonte’s return. It showed last night against the Boston Celtics that he’s an intricate part of the teams’ success. Good luck Delonte and hurry back, player.

Better have my DONUTS.


Unexcused absence from practice – come on Delonte your under a microscope right now – don’t give people reasons…hopefully everything is alright.


Only new newz here is that he is in fact in Cleveland for training camp.  No word yet  on any charges filed.  The NBA is waiting to adhere suspension after he is charged.  It has also come out the Delonte is bi-polar, so I say THANK GOD he is safe and nothing happened with his guns and 3 wheel motorcycle ride. GO CAVS!!!


What a crazy story to report today, huh? I KNEW homie was hood though. He just has that Maurice Clarett quality about him. Great athlete, but you know he’s hood. My ninja, Delonte West, was arrested last night (Thursday) for carrying weapons in Maryland. West was pulled over for speeding and Police Officers found a 2 concealed handguns AND a shotgun.

Reports say they found a 9mm, a Ruger and a shotgun in a guitar case on his back. People, can you tell me what Delonte West was doing with all that madness ridin a motorcycle last night? Either he was going to do some serious damage or HE HAD just got done DOING some SERIOUS DAMAGE. Maybe he was at the shooting range practicing his aim. I guess he could’ve been drivin’ around practicing his role in the new Jason Bourne Move, “Delonte’s Destiny.”

LETZ BYONEST, shall we. Jim Rome is going to EAT THIS UP. This is one of those stories EVERYONE is going to wonder “what the f*ck was he going to do.” I hope Delonte gets this figured out before basketball season. We Ohioans need his left handed ass ready for the season. LeBron, Shaq, Mo and Delonte. Any questions?



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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Arrest Made, but not necessarily a MURDER charge.

Jasper Howard, Connecticut Huskies cornerback, was stabbed and murdered Saturday, October 17th. He played in a football game that day and was murdered that evening. There were no arrests made until today. Attorney, Deron Freeman says John William Lomax was arrested on Tuesday Morning. He and his attorney, Freeman, don’t know exactly what he will be charged with. He’s expected to be arraigned tomorrow, October 28th. Lomax resides in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


Jasper Howard’s funeral was yesterday, October 26th. Rest In Peace, Jasper. Hopefully this arrest and any other arrests to come will give you and your family some type of peace, homie!  #6


PHOTO BY: (Matthew Emmons / US Presswire / October 24, 2009)

B.YONEST NEWZ: 2 ARRESTED in Richmond High School Rape Case

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B.YONEST NEWZ. 15 year old girl raped. 2 arrested. More to Come.

amd_richmond-hsShe was leaving the Homecoming Dance early. Her father was picking her up and she was ready to go home. She walked outside the school and was lured into an back alley to get drunk and party some more. Before she knew it she was raped, beaten, dehumanized and taken advantage of for two hours. More than 5 men took their turn as more watched, laughed and took pictures. She is a 15 year-old student @ Richmond High School, California and her life is forever different.

The sexual assault, which took place on school property, was going on as students were still participating in the Homecoming Dance. She remains hospitalized after she was found unconscious under a park bench after Midnight on Friday. As many as 15 individuals watched as she was taken advantage of. A 15 year old, who’s name remains anonymous, and 19 year old Manuel Ortega have been arrested for the crime. There may be more arrests to come. Ortega faces rape, kidnapping and robbery charges and his bond was set @ $800,000. Ortega is a drop out student of Richmond.

Police are doing toxicology reports to see if the girl was drugged. More info later.



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B.YONEST NEWZ. LeBron n Shaq, Garnett n Pierce or Kobe n Ron?

nba1As Major League Baseball is coming to a close with the Philadelphia Phillies defending their World Championship against the New York Yankees and College Football BCS Standings keeping the world interested, I still find myself more intrigued about the next sport finally beginning. NBA Basketball officially begins @ 7Pm Eastern time. No more pre-season. NO more trades (for right now). NBA Basketball is back. This calls for serious celebration. So many questions to answer. So many games to play. Let’s get it on.

LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are coming of an extremely successful season by most standards. They won 60+ games, reached the Eastern Conference Finals and had the MVP. Still, they were at home watching as the Orlando Magic got man handled by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals. LeBron and the Cavs brought in Shaquille O’neal in hopes to have more of a dominant force. Will the chemistry work? Let’s not forget Kevin Garnett is healthy meaning the Celtics are back and ready to play. Garnett is coming of a knee injury which means he has one season to play and two seasons of basketball bottled up. Rasheed Wallace is a Boston Celtic, too. I mean he’s gonna receive a gang of technical fouls, but he’s going to his just as many three pointers. Damn, the Celtics are serious. Watch out Eastern Conference.

orlando_magicLet’s not forget the Orlando Magic, people. NO Jameer Nelson last year during the Playoffs and still went to the Finals. Dwight Howard a year stronger, Jameer Nelson ready to play and the ageless Vince Carter is their newest addition. I’m not a fan of the trade because I like Hedo Turkoglu, but what do I know. The Orlando Magic still have something to prove to me. I think they are the 3rd best team in the East even though they won the Conference last year.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the World Championship and got better. Kobe’s cast of men attained Ron Artest in the off-season. Artest has already stated and I quote “If we don’t win a Championship, it’s my fault. I’m the new guy here. If we don’t repeat, it’s because I messed it up.” Is that a World Championship guarantee? I don’t know. What I do know is the Denver Nuggets are R.E.A.D.Y. Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony and the athletic supporting cast have to be furious about the way their season ended last year. The San Antonio Spurs are old, but wise. Always a threat!

I’m excited. I don’t know and don’t care about you people, but I’m excited. It’s basketball season, football season and baseball is almost OVER. What more could I ask for besided to go back on tour at the beginning of the year, a few investors to put 100K into B.YONEST ENTERPRIZES and a 3rd party co-signer to finally agree that my raps are AMAZING. Other than that, give me a bleeder, an hd television and The Cavs vs The Celtics tonight @ 7Pm. See you soon, PEOPLEZ.. ALL HAIL..


Sidenote: Rookie, Blake Griffin, of the Los Angeles Clippers is going to be a B.E.A.S.T. Mark my word for rookie of the year. Blake Griffin. Stamp It. I know he got hurt and may be out for 6 weeks, but he’s that nice. The NBA is wide open this year. Surprise come up teams include the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Clippers and hopefully the Indiana Pacers make the Playoffs. I mean you only have to win 37 games to make the Playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Lastly, The Cleveland Cavaliers need to trade for Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors. He’s big, athletic, plays defense, crashes boards and he’s a brotha. I’m just sayin. He’d make a great late season trade addition. I AM OUT! (Jim Rome Style)


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B.YONEST NEWZ… Ivanka got hitched. You probably don’t care either.

I have some of the awesomest, coolest, bestest newz, EVER! Ivanka Trump got married guys. Some real estate agent, Jared Kushner, swept her off her feet and married her… OR, Donald Trump told her she had to marry him, they arranged it and now their companies are merged. Donald Trump probably wrote the prenuptial agreement himself. I know, I’m a hater. but I’m B.YONEST…. the hater. Either Way! Congrats. I wonder who’s will last longer. Khlamar (Khloe and Lamar) or JareVanka (Jared and.. you get the point.) I’ll try to find some wedding photos for you guys. I mean Ivanka is hot as sh*t. I’m intrigued. I’m just sayin….


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B.YONEST NEWZ. Yankees beat Angels in Game 6. World Series Bound

Rivera got the Save. A-Rod and the Yankees got the win. The New York Yankees are set to face off against The Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series guaranteed to be a thrilling series. Wednesday Night, the World Series begins. The Phillies are the defending World Champions and the New York Yankees are playing for their 27th World Series Championships.The Bronx Bombers are loaded. The Phillies are rested and ready. I don’t give two sh*ts about baseball, but it’s the World Series, people. GO PHILLIES only because I hate the effin Yankees