B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ… Dave Letterman Beats Cakes.!!

Robert “Joe” Halderman should be ashamed of himself.. This is SO PATHETIC. Congratulation Stephanie Birkitt. You’re famous now. For f*ckin’ David Letterman.

stephanie-birkitt-largeLet’s just say you were Dave Letterman. Let’s just say you owned Late Night television and CBS was on your BALLS. Let’s just say you had interns who thrusted to have a position with your company and many (I MEAN MANY) young hotties wanted your nuts. Would you NOT bang like 8 million chicks? I would. How can you extort a man for banging interns? Fire EVERY Corporate “Head.” GET IT? Dave Letterman probably has more skeletons in his closet than this. If you’re going to extort a man, do it because you know they rape women. Extort someone for touching you when you were a little kid. Maybe you were touched when you were a little person.

I think this is down right “HATER SYNDROME,” period. Some retard in Dave Letterman’s work space is pissed because he banged 12 chicks they wanted to. I say, fuck ’em Dave. Get your swerve on. I dare a mu f*cka to tell me they haven’t banged, thought about banging or lied about banging someone from work. ESPECIALLY the C.E.O.’s, leaders and such. PLEASE. Dave Letterman, you beat those cakes. I’m not saying cheat on your wife. I’m saying welcome those interns the only way you’re supposed to, brother…. ALL HAIL..


Sidenote: To all you women reading this article in disgust, I understand. These “B.YONEST NEWZ” articles may not be for you. For you “fellow” haters who extort, blast and sabotage lives for you own comfort “SIT AND SPIN.” Dave L. aka “Player Dave” KEEP it UP.. HAHAHA. GET IT? Regina Lasko, Dave’s wife and long time girlfriend, had to know Dave was bangin girls. 23 years of love. PLEASE. How do you leave Dave Letterman, though?


10 Responses to “B.YONEST NEWZ… DAVE LETTERMAN gets A*S! SO WHAT!”

  1. Great Article! Why is the focus on Who Letterman Slept With, and not on the CBS BLACKMAILER?

    Since NONE the women is Letterman’s life EVER presented him in a bad light, Nor are ANY of Them blackmailing him, slandering him or suing him, Letterman should not be compared with the highly paid Public officials who are paid by tax payers to represent the values of it’s constituents, yet fall way short, then LIE about it. It is the scenarios of these LIERS that Letterman pokes fun at, and therefore sets him Way above them. People don’t have to watch Letterman and leave this issue alone. But All of us are forced to recon with the lying Government Officials, and scandle.

    Letterman has never presented himself as “holier than thou”, and the first to poke fun at himself when a point can be made or a laugh can be found. Here he has utilized his position wisely, and attempting to make light of what would soon have been a horrible scandal anyway. Letterman is paid to entertain & he did, while including his viewers in personal News which is going to be made public anyway.

  2. David Letterman is just another “old” letch! trying to get his groove on!
    The bad thing about this is that he is not even good looking! If he did not have any money nobody would even care about him.


  4. David Letterman is getting his pay back for all the mean stuff he has ever said about the next and first woman President of the U.S. of A., Sarah Palin!

    Go Sarah in 2012 (or sooner)!

  5. It seems like all of Dave’s conquests look alike. They are not pretty; they are plain!

  6. i mean it’s not like Dave Letterman is David Beckham or nothin. the man should be happy to get laid @ all. lmao.. I respect that he did it, ADMITTED IT and moved on from it.. he’s human..

  7. u want him fired from his job like he committed a crime or something.. geesh.. Kobe had sex w/ a woman and didnt get fired. Relax. The man had sex with a co-worker and u want him fired..

    WELL FIRE THE OTHER 37 MILLION PEOPLE for having sex with a co-worker as well..

  8. According to ‘Eli’, only ‘good looking’ people should have sex. It sounds like average-looking Dave might have actually had a human relationship with some average-looking women, and it also included sex. Big Deal

  9. THANKS for your comment.. I agree.. Let the man get laid.. I SAY CONGRATULATE him.. Well DONE DAVE L.. Much Love “At’s Oll”

  10. […] ESPN officially fired Steve Phillips from his MLB Analyst position. I don’t know. Probably because he has a crazy stalker who used to work for ESPN and they don’t want her coming to ESPN Headquarters looking for him. Probably because his wife said “hit the road, Steve” along w/ the fact that Baseball has enough scrutiny right now as it is. I’m just sayin’. Damn people. LESSON LEARNED. Don’t have sex w/ crazy women @ work or you may lose your job. (DAVID LETTERMAN article HERE.) […]

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