Brett Favre came out last night and did exactly what we have expected him to do over the last 18 years. He handled all the pressure, he rose to the challenge and beat his old team 30-23. Favre threw three touchdown passes, completely controlled the game and proved that he “Brett Favre” still had “IT.” The man will be 40 years old next week and threw the football around last night like he was a 6 year veteran. The Minnesota Vikings look great. DEFENSE is a serious force to reckon with. Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the NFL and they have Brett Favre. Go Vikings. See you fools in the Super Bowl taking on my Indianapolis Colts. great GAME!

B.YONEST NEWZ.. B.YONEST NEWZ.. Favre takes on the Packers….

Are you ready for some Football? Tonight Brett Favre attempts to do something NO FOOTBALL player has ever achieved.  Brett Favre has the opportunity to beat EVERY NFL FOOTBALL TEAM. All 32 teams with a win over the Green Bay Packers tonight in Minneapolis. There’s been a great deal of talk. Both teams want to win this game for “obvious reasons,” but there’s only one winner and i say “GO FAVRE.”

REMEMBER when Joe Montana played for the Kansas City Chiefs? Remember when Michael Jordan strapped up his sneakers and played basketball for the Washington Wizards? Over time, many players have switched teams and put on a uniform none of us imagined possible. This NFL football Season is no different. Brett Favre is a Minnesota Viking and tonight on Monday Night Football he and his Vikings host the Green Bay Packers. How crazy is it that Brett Favre is playing AGAINST the Green Bay Packers?

There will be a great deal of excitement tonight on ESPN. Not only are the Packers playing the Vikings, but it’s for 1st place in the NFC North Division. Aaron Rodgers would love nothing more than to prove he deserved to take the reign from Favre. Favre would love to prove he still has it @ the tender age of 40. This is going to be fun and the World gets to watch. We’ve seen Favre do some emphatic things on Monday night and tonight should be NO DIFFERENT.

I had no idea how I would feel about this predicament. I know I’m a humongous Brett Favre fan and hopefully the rest of the World would agree that he has some gas left in the tank. Who’s going to win tonight? I wish I knew. If  was a betting man, I’d definitely say the Vikings, but we never know. Although tonight is not about Brett Favre vs. the Packers or Favre vs. Rodgers, that’s all the News has been talking about. Brett Favre vs. The Green Bay Packers. TONIGHT on NBC we get to watch something NONE of us could’ve imagined ourselves. Good Luck Brett. The Minnesota Vikings look to attain a 4-0 record tonight. Get ‘Er Done.



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