sq-shyne-press-more2The rap world better be ready for this one. Jamal “Shyne” Barrow was released from Clinton Correctional Facility today after serving a nine year sentence. Shyne was involved in a club fight that involved P. Diddy  and Jennifer Lopez in 1999. He was charged (in 2001) with attempted murder and wreckless endangerment. Shyne admitted to “poppin his pistol” in the club, but only in self defense. Homie was facin 25 years and served 9. Not TOO BAD. Anyhow, Shyne is ALMOST OUT!!

Shyne is still being held because of his immigration status.He’s detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement until they decide if he should be detained back to Belize, the country he was born in.  Aint that some serious sh*t. Let the man come home. Everyone know Shyne is way more Brooklyn than Belize. I’m just sayin’.

Shyne is most known for his voice (comparable to Notorious B.I.G.) and his street resume. Shyne is STREET. Shyne is shoot ’em up, hustle crack, kick it on the corner, fight yo momma, street. I reckon after serving a 9 year bid, he has some shit to get off his chest and a GANG of mu f*ckas ready to listen. Anyone lookin’ for a Shyne collab will probably get it. Well, besided the people who stepped on him while he was down and out. I advise you to stay DUCKIN. Shyne is back y’all. I can’t wait for this n*ggas Project. Good Luck Shyne. ALL HAIL.



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