B.YONEST NEWZ.. Where were these teachers when I was in SCHOOL?

Deanna Higgins, a science teacher in Houston Texas (well Srping, Tx) is charged with a couple felonies. She’s been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of having an “improper relationship” with a student. There hasn’t been much more released on the story. She’s been a teacher in the district Since January ’08. Higgins was placed on a paid leave of absence in  January ’09 after someone brought the relationship to district officials and staffs attention.

“The Spring High School Administration and Spring ISD Police Department immediately began investigating the allegation after receiving a report from a third party,” the letter stated.


Damn, I wish I felt badly for this dude, but I DON’T. Every little boy dreams of the day they get to bang a teacher. This fool and many other little kids have achieved that opportunity. I wanted to bang Ms. Kiley in 4th grade so it starts EARLY. Everyone claims that these students grow up and become crazy. No, THEY GROW up and become COUGAR CHASERS. Ms. Higgins, don’t feel bad babe. It happens. Women and mothers find you disgusting (although they’ve probably thought of it too.) Men find you AMAZING and wish you were there teacher. Yeah, you may go to jail for a while, BUT you’ll have a GANG of 17 year olds waiting for you when you get out.. Much Love Ms. Higgins..



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