B.YONEST NEWZ.. Jaycee Dugard is home and happier than EVER…

jaycee dugardThis is a story that most of you have known, heard about or been seen on television in the last two months. For the last 18 years, Jaycee Dugard has been missing. Most people would only assume the worst (naturally), but her parents never gave up. Like most families in this situation (which I can’t imagine myself), you NEVER give up the faith, hope and dream that one day your daughter may come home. “This can’t be happening,” you say to yourself. Well, it’s real and Jaycee was gone for 18 years. This is where the story differs from most. Jaycee Dugard was found ALIVE and returned to her family healthy. Jaycee was kidnapped June 10th, 1991 by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy. Her stepfather witnessed every second.

“My daughter was just kidnapped. It was a gray car. A man and a woman in the car. I just saw it,” he said.

Jaycee made two children with Phillip Garrido, girls ages 15 and 11. The story is not the horror and craziness that Jaycee was forced to live as her reality. The STORY is that Jaycee Dugard came home, people. Amazing. It makes me wonder (obviously) how many more children that went missing are ALIVE and WELL. Maybe not “well,” but for lack of better term. They are alive. I want to give my appreciation to the family of Jaycee Dugard. I want to congratulate them for their unbelievable story of perseverance and belief(s).

The news has been pretty intense lately with the return of stolen children forced to make children with their kidnapper(s.) Other stories of incest and children created by parents and child is all over Media, lately. I hope all individuals who have been through “any” of these situations utilize now to come forward and begin your healing process as you deserve it. What you’ve gone through is something most can’t imagine so take your time and heal @ your pace. Obviously, you aren’t alone. I mean watch Oprah. See for yourself! Graciously…



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