B.YONEST NEWZ.. Iz It ME Or…? PART 3: “Modern Family” & “Cougar Town”


ModernFamilyIz it ME Or… Is Courtney Cox-Arquette B.A.C.K. like never before? I don’t know if y’all been paying attention to Wednesday Night Television. First and foremost, “Modern Family” is effin amazing. I mean down right HIGH-LARIOUS comedy. This wacked out family filled with “super hot” foreigners, a gay couple, a dad who doesn’t hold his tongue and another father who’s going out of his way to fit in as “the cool dad.” I haven’t seen such television like this in a LOOONG TIME.. This sh*t is funny. That’s not the point of this article.

cougar townIs It ME Or… Is Courtney Cox sexier than ever. Her show “Cougar Town” which follows “Modern Family” boasts Cox as a single mother in her 40’s attempting to rekindle her “sexxy” flame after her divorce. She’s chasin’ y0ung tail and finding her self unsatisfied by what life’s delivering. Nonetheless, she’s feisty, funny and sexier than ever. If you haven’t taken the time to watch “Modern Family” and/or “Cougar Town,” get your life together. ALL HAIL.



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