LETZ BYONEST #33: ARE Magic Johnson & Isiah Thomas are GAY?


magic-johnson-isiah-thomas-kiss-425I don’t care what anyone says about this article. I swear on EVERYTHING I know I’ve been saying for years Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are both gay. I know, you’re going to read this article and think I’m an a*sh*le, but I don’t give a sh*t. Magic and Isiah used to get down. Call it DOWN LOW. Call it NE-YO-NIC. Whatever you want to say, Isiah and Magic are in a lovers’ quarrel.

Remember when they used to kiss on the face before games and sh*t? Remember The 1992 All-Star Game. Isiah and Magic actually kissed and sh*t. Isiah knows Magic better than anyone. I mean real talk. I have friends from back in the day who could “blast me” about some of my sh*t if they wanted to. REAL TALK. Isiah knows some “serious” things about Magic J.  Why doesn’t anyone like Isiah Thomas? Is he that big of a d*ckhead? NO PUN INTENDED. He had a problem with players in the League. He tried coaching in the NBA and they hated him in that facet as well. His personality must suck A*S! Just sayin.

Real talk, I don’t know if either one of those dudes are gay or not. I really could “almost” care less(er) than less. I will say I got some homies i consider BEST FRIENDS and I aint NEVER kissed none of them n*ggaz. These fools used to kiss for sh*ts and giggles. Who knows? Magic Johnson’s newest book states Magic Johnsons’ reasons for not speaking to Isiah is due to Isiah blasting Magic by claiming he’s a homosexual. Time will tell. #HOLLAWONIMO



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