B.YONEST NEWZ.. Iowa Hawkeyes the Surprise team in the BCS..

bowl championship seriesAs long as everything goes the way it’s supposed to go, the Florida Gators will end up playing the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship Game in Pasadena, Ca. If Alabama and USC has anything to do with it, we all may be mistaken. There is a team we are all forgetting though, people. The Iowa Hawkeyes are 8-0. Undefeated in the Big Ten. I know, I know. The Big Ten is down, majorly with teams like Ohio State losing to Purdue last week. Still, Iowa is a team to be reckon with, homies. They control their own destiny and their toughest challenge on their schedule is @ Ohio State in November.

Picture 3

Remember three years ago. The Auburn Tigers went undefeated and didn’t receive the opportunity to play in the National Championship Game? The Iowa Hawkeyes are going to be the next team to fall victim to the travesty of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Again, if teams do what they are supposed to do and WIN, we’ll have no problems. Something tells me, it’s not going to end up the way we see it now. Iowa vs Boise State in the National Championship? Sounds good to me.



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