B.YONEST NEWZ: 2 ARRESTED in Richmond High School Rape Case

B.YONEST NEWZ. 15 year old girl raped. 2 arrested. More to Come.

amd_richmond-hsShe was leaving the Homecoming Dance early. Her father was picking her up and she was ready to go home. She walked outside the school and was lured into an back alley to get drunk and party some more. Before she knew it she was raped, beaten, dehumanized and taken advantage of for two hours. More than 5 men took their turn as more watched, laughed and took pictures. She is a 15 year-old student @ Richmond High School, California and her life is forever different.

The sexual assault, which took place on school property, was going on as students were still participating in the Homecoming Dance. She remains hospitalized after she was found unconscious under a park bench after Midnight on Friday. As many as 15 individuals watched as she was taken advantage of. A 15 year old, who’s name remains anonymous, and 19 year old Manuel Ortega have been arrested for the crime. There may be more arrests to come. Ortega faces rape, kidnapping and robbery charges and his bond was set @ $800,000. Ortega is a drop out student of Richmond.

Police are doing toxicology reports to see if the girl was drugged. More info later.



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