1473636688When I’m 40 years young, I hope I have enough energy to touch my toes and bathe myself. When I’m 40 my hamstrings are going to be so knotted up, I probably wont be able to move AT ALL. This man, Brett Favre, isn’t only still playing football, but at the hightest, most competitive level. Let’s talk about something. I’m in my 20’s. Brett Favre has been in the NFL since I was in 7th grade. 17 years. That’s the most ridiculous statistic in the World. I mean, yeah he’s started in like 287 games straight, which is like 14 seasons including playoffs.

Yes, he’s broken every passing record known to existence. Yes, he’s won the MVP twice and he has a Super Bowl. The man has nothing else to prove, but for some reason, he keeps thrusting that football to the back of end zonez for game winning touchdowns. He still runs down the field to throw blocks on linebackers. The man still LOVES the game and it shows in his play, his attitude and his statistics. He’s in a perfect situation w/ The Minnesota Vikings. Great Defense, Great running game and his job is management. Well, he may MANAGE to prove all the doubters, haters and GM (Ted Thompson) wrong again. Brett “The Bionic Man” Favre is the GREATEST, period.

Brett Favre is one of those players we are all going to look back on and say “I had the honor and privilege of watching him play.” He plays like every down could be his last. He’s actually quit and retired TWICE only to find, he still has some gas in the tank AND the ability to compete w/ players half his age. He threw a touchdown pass to rookie, Percy Harvin, yesterday against the Green Bay Packers. Interesting “stat fact” of the day. When Brett Favre arrived in the NFL, Harvin was 5 years old. He’s throwin footballs to “kids.” It’s awesome.

I know most of you are reading this and may actually disagree. How you can is beyond me, but I imagine there’s some people bitter about his second return. “Brett should’ve stayed retired,” I hear people say and I understand your angst. You’re probably a bunch of Green Bay Packer fans that are salty that he’s thrown seven touchdowns against you this season in two games. You’re probably bitter because he’s thrown for over 700 yards against you this season and beat you TWICE. Go Brett Favre. YOU are THE GREATEST, EVER! All Hail!!



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