KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR diagnosed w/ leukemia

B.YONEST NEWZ: NBA Legend fighting the ultimate BATTLE.

kareem-p1_kareem_abdul_jabbar_siAs a child you imagine your favorite sports stars and entertainers. I never thought I would see Bill Cosby get old or Charles Barkley look like he can’t play basketball at the ultimate level anymore. Then they begin to pass away from old age and other random things. It’s astonishingly frightening yet amazing that we (as youth) grow up and still see our “idols” like they were in the yesteryear.

I watched Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play basketball since I was 4 years old, maybe younger. Never did I imagine he would retire and the thought of him attaining cancer was outlandish to me. He invented the “hook shot.” Maybe not invented, but he definitely defined it’s grace and effortlessness. You think Lou “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar” Alcindor.. You think UCLA Championships, LA Lakers Championships and Hook Shots, period.

We will all pray for you Mr. Jabbar. We’ve seen people overcome crazier things and larger obstacles. We wish you well and will forever remember and appreciate all that you’ve done to influence my generations and generations beyond mine. Much love and appreciation, Kareem..



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